Canadian International Auto Show


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What did we do this week? Well, we attended the Canadian International Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This year the show is expected to draw more than 300,000 visitors during the 10 day show, which features more than 125 exhibitors and about 1,000 cars and trucks.

Included in the attractions are some of the most advanced automotive technology in the world, ranging from the latest electric minicars to a 16-cylinder 1000-horsepower Bugatti Veyron with a potential speed of more than 400 km/h!

Several new production vehicles and cutting-edge concept models will debut at the show, including the new Acura NSX supercar and a reborn Volkswagen microbus with an electric motor.

A special “Eco-Drive” Showcase features state-of-the-art, energy efficient designs such as electric, clean diesel, hybrids and more conventional engine technologies as well.

The show was fun, but it was missing a bunch of guns and stuff, LOL. Meanwhile, the International Armoured Vehicle convention is taking place in Farnborough, UK where they’re expecting 2,200+ visitors from 47 countries, 550+ conference delegates, 100 defence exhibitors and 75+ senior military, government and OEM speakers.