Caracal Pistols Factory Tour


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In March of this year we traveled to Abu Dhabi, UAE for the International Security and National Resilience Conference (ISNR) and to visit with one of the newest manufacturers to enter the U.S. market space, Caracal International. Making a big debut at SHOT Show this past January, Caracal is quickly capturing the interests of gun enthusiasts and gun bloggers across America. Often compared to the GLOCK pistol the Caracal may have similar characteristics but, she is an entirely different animal.

When we visited with Caracal, we were treated to a tour of the production facility to witness the making of a Caracal pistol first-hand. Trust me, it was like being the only kid in a gigantic candy store! As you can see from the video, this facility is state-of-the-art and clean as a whistle. Truly impressive when you see the size of this place and the capabilities of this facility.

From the manufacturing of the polymer frame to the cutting of slides and barrels, through to the assembly of each component of the Caracal pistol we observed extreme attention to detail and careful quality checking as each gun passed through the production checkpoints.

After touring the production facility we visited the Caracal Shooting Club located at the Abu Dhabi Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel (AFOC). Here we enjoyed testing and evaluating each of the Caracal products, including the Caracal “SC” sub-compact version with quick sights which is not yet available in the U.S.

Carcal-USA has already begun importing more guns into the U.S. with a marketing presence revving up close behind. With parts and accessories slotted to arrive over the next 90 days, Caracal seems to be listening to their customers as they appear to be getting everything and everyone in place to support new Caracal owners with reliable and confident service. Plus, it appears J.J. Racaza has joined the team, too!

If you’ve not shot a Caracal pistol yet, we encourage you to try one! If you’re looking for a place to buy a Caracal pistol you can find a local retailer by contacting TALO Distributors.

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