GG&G Extreme Duty Swivel Standard Bipod

Best Bipod for your AR-15

Bipods - For long range shooting, competition, hunting or because you want something to keep your rifle up off the ground away from dirt, sand, water & mud.
Crimson Trace about green lasers

Crimson Trace now offering more laser lore

Crimson Trace has started dropping some knowledge bombs in its blog. Recent articles include "About Green Lasers", "Zeroing Lasers", and more.

Goat Guns – Mini Gun-Accessories (not Mini-Gun Accessories)

Goat Guns has some new mini gun-accessories (*not* minigun accessories, mind you). Little optics, bitty rifle furniture, and now 1:3 scale slings.

Best High-Capacity AR-15 Magazines

A day at the range is a fantastic day and why not make that fun last a little longer each reload by using a high-capacity magazine.

Top 3 Red Dots Over $ 200

We are back with a Top Red Dots article for your viewing pleasure. Last time we stayed under $200. This time we tackle the above market.
Federal Ammo Rebate

Federal Ammo Rebates Are Back

Federal Ammunitions rebates are back. From August 01, 2019 to September 30, 2019 you can save big on some of your favorite ammo.

A SIG-nificant new offering: GGP320 Slides from Grey Ghost Precision

Grey Ghost Precision (GGP) has announced the availability of a new aftermarket SIG P320 slide to upgrade your SIG Sauer P320 pistol.

Best Weapon Mounted Lights for Rifles

There are tons of Weapon Mounted Light options out there. However, when it comes to WML, you want a good one when you need it. Let us help you.

Best High-End AR-15 Barrels

Buying a barrel for your new AR-15 build is an important decision, and nothing to go cheap on. We give you a hand on your shopping and narrow things down.
Springfield GMT

Springfield GMT Field Watch

The original Springfield GMT has taken its place among the ranks of field watches yet again. The Springfield GMT is a tribute to the greatest generation and is inspired by the very watch that was issued to US Infantry during World War II.