Dunking your AR-15 in Hydro Dip

From Hydro Dip to assembly and on to the range, Jody Lewis takes an everyday AR on an adventure of customization. Recently my good friend...

[Review] The Ghost Glock: Polymer80 Gen 2 (Mod 2)

In a now-infamous show of absolute ignorance and comical stupidity, California's very own Rep. Kevin De Leon, while holding an AR-15, once said, "This...

Glock 43 vs S&W Shield: The best CCW?

Best CCW gun ever? Maybe. Judah Torres takes two of the best single stack 9mm pistols on the market and sees which stacks up the...

Tactical Walls: MOD WALL

The proper storage of firearms should never be taken lightly. Regardless, if you are protecting others from hurting themselves or others (children), from theft,...

[Guide] World on Fire: Las Vegas, Our Responsibilities, and the Future

“It's good to see you, brother.” A big hug followed. One of my good friends, Don, had just returned from Las Vegas. We hadn't seen...
Faxon Ultralight FX-5500U

Best Lightweight AR Uppers [2019]

A continuation in our lightweight article series for AR's we talk uppers and give a few options. Looking to build lightweight? Don't miss these articles.

Performing the Ladder Test

Long long ago we started this series on reloading for the semi-precision rifle. Semi-precision meaning “not a bench gun.” Up until this point we went over the basic things to consider when building your first load. Now we’re going to shoot what’s called a ladder test.

The Growth of the Tactical Beard

There is little argument that humans instinctively relate a man's beard to power, masculinity and other general bad-assery. From lumberjacks to world leaders...

Speed Shooters Specialties S&W M&P ESP Magwell

Specializing in Smith & Wesson handguns, Speed Shooters Specialties offers wide variety and availability of high quality performance parts. If you are already shooting IPSC,...

Best 5 Adjustable Gas Blocks

Building an AR platform rifle appears to be easy at first look. It is essentially a tinker toy for adults. While you are collecting your...