Dunking your AR-15 in Hydro Dip

From Hydro Dip to assembly and on to the range, Jody Lewis takes an everyday AR on an adventure of customization. Recently my good friend...
Faxon Ultralight FX-5500U

Best Lightweight AR Uppers [2019]

A continuation in our lightweight article series for AR's we talk uppers and give a few options. Looking to build lightweight? Don't miss these articles.

Glock 43 vs S&W Shield: The best CCW?

Best CCW gun ever? Maybe. Judah Torres takes two of the best single stack 9mm pistols on the market and sees which stacks up the...

[Review] The Ghost Glock: Polymer80 Gen 2 (Mod 2)

In a now-infamous show of absolute ignorance and comical stupidity, California's very own Rep. Kevin De Leon, while holding an AR-15, once said, "This...

Tactical Walls: MOD WALL

The proper storage of firearms should never be taken lightly. Regardless, if you are protecting others from hurting themselves or others (children), from theft,...

[Guide] World on Fire: Las Vegas, Our Responsibilities, and the Future

“It's good to see you, brother.” A big hug followed. One of my good friends, Don, had just returned from Las Vegas. We hadn't seen...

Performing the Ladder Test

Long long ago we started this series on reloading for the semi-precision rifle. Semi-precision meaning “not a bench gun.” Up until this point we went over the basic things to consider when building your first load. Now we’re going to shoot what’s called a ladder test.

The Growth of the Tactical Beard

There is little argument that humans instinctively relate a man's beard to power, masculinity and other general bad-assery. From lumberjacks to world leaders...

Speed Shooters Specialties S&W M&P ESP Magwell

Specializing in Smith & Wesson handguns, Speed Shooters Specialties offers wide variety and availability of high quality performance parts. If you are already shooting IPSC,...

Best 5 Adjustable Gas Blocks

Building an AR platform rifle appears to be easy at first look. It is essentially a tinker toy for adults. While you are collecting your...