Tyrant Designs Glock Slide Release deal of the week

Tyrant Designs Glock Extended Slide Release

This week’s Deal of the Week takes us to Tyrant Designs CNC and their Glock Extended Slide Release. Check it out.

Bushnell Elite Tactical II 1-6×24 Riflescopes

EuroOptic is currently having a price reduction on the Bushnell Elite Tactical Riflescopes. These are solid scopes at a fantastic price.

Rainier Arms Walkers Ear & Eye Protection

This weeks Deal of the Week comes from our friends at Rainier Arms and a fantastic price on their new Ear and Eye Protection.

Battle Arm BAD-ASS Pro

Looking for a safety selector for your next build? Check out the all new Battle Arms BAD-ASS Pro selector in stock now at Rainier Arms.
deal-of-the-week Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader

Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Mag Loader

This weeks Deal of the Week makes life a bit easier. The Butler Creek Electronic Loader can make your training day that much more enjoyable.

Rainer Arms Glock Fiber Optic Sight Set

This week we bring you something from our friends at Rainer Arms. A great price on Glock Suppressor Height, fiber optic sight set. Check it out.

Magpul PMAG Gen M2 MOE AR-15 10 Pack

This weeks Deal of the Week brings us something to hold all of those pew pew seeds you purchased. 10 Pack of PMAGS from the folks at GunMag Warehouse.
SPL 50ml Conical Centrifuge Tubes-deal-of-the-week

SPL 50ml Conical Centrifuge Tube – 25 Pack

This week’s Deal of the Week ties in with last week’s deal and range bag organization. Centrifuge tubes are great for those small parts and needle oilers.

Liberty Oil Needle Oilers 5-1oz Bottles

This weeks Deal of the Week helps us with some gun maintenance. The Liberty Oil Products Needle Oilers place the oil where needed and help prevent waste.

EuroOptic Nikon BLACK Closeouts

For this weeks Deal of the Week we switch things up a bit. Not just one product highlighted but many. The EuroOptic Nikon BLACK Closeout sale.