We talk with PWS

Tomeka talks with Primary Weapons Systems about a few updates and some new selections for 2018. Primary Weapons Systems

The Arsenal Democracy CPO

Arsenal Democracy introduces us to the new CPO (Carbine Plus One). Arsenal Democracy *Apologies for the low audio. Shot via cellphone.

Alexo Athletica: Active Carry Wear

Tomeka chats with CEO and Co-Founder of Alexo Athletica Amy Robbins. Alexo Athletica

What’s new with Streamlight

We chat with Bobby from Streamlight about all that's new for 2018. Streamlight

The feature rich Leupold Mark 5 HD

Dave talks with Michael from Leupold about the all new Mark 5 HD scope. Leupold

A bit more about the MAWL with BE Meyers

We talk with Chad from B.E. Meyers and get to know the MAWL a bit better. B.E. Meyers

The Labs of Battle Arms Development

Steve sits down with Battle Arms to discuss whats new in the labs. Battle Arms Development


We check out the new HD50 bipod designed for large rifles like 50 cals and similar. It is a beefy bipod that is just...

Arsenal Democracy lightens things up

Chris talks with Dave from Arsenal Democracy about their latest mad scientist build. Arsenal Democracy *Apologies for the low audio. Shot via cellphone

The endlessly inventive Strike Industries

Josh from Strike Industries gives Chris the rundown of whats new in 2018. Strike Industries