[Triggrcon 2019] Barrett Rec10 308 Rifle

Barrett Rec10 308 battle rifle makes it’s debut at TriggrCon and was a hit at range day. This 16 inch 308 carbine comes in at under 8 pounds.

[Triggrcon 2019] LWRC SMG 45 The best .45 SMG we’ve seen to date

Dave gets run of the LWRC booth going over Golden Triggr Award winner for best firearm, the SMG 45. AR influenced update in the sub gun market.

[Triggrcon 2019] New Magwells and Slides from Nomad Defense

The Nomad Defense Nomad 9 frame is a really cool product, now they are announcing matching slides and magazine wells to the market.

CMC Introduces the new Combat Curve Trigger at Triggrcon 2019

Brett from CMC goes over the soon to be released single stage trigger for the Remington 700, suppressor optimized BCG and the new combat curve AR trigger.

[Triggrcon 2019] Cool light bearing appendix carry holsters from Tenicor

Jeff from Tenicor shows us the brand new SAGAX LUX holsters and new body curve contours from Tenicor. Light friendly with a variety of lights.

[Triggrcon 2019] The new awesomeness from Danger Close Armament

We meet with David from Danger Close Armament to see their new enhancements to the Arcon, the new custom CZ P10X, plus their beautiful Glock 48.

New MLOK Light Mounting and Sig p320 M17 optic adaptor from Bobro

Bobro engineering shows off an updated version that is exactly what the customers wanted, solid, rugged and tilt able MLOK light mounts.

Awesome Glock Slides and Mag extensions from Killer Innovations

We meet with Golden Triggr Award winner Killer Innovations to see their new Glock slides with some absolutely amazing machining.

[Triggrcon 2019] A simply awesome brass deflector – Kinetic Energy Tools

Kinetic Energy Tools brings to the table a really slick and simple brass deflector that fits on any pic Rail or scope tube.

[Triggrcon 2019] New Sig p320 slides from Grey Ghost Precision

Jason from Grey Ghost Precision shows off their newest products, the industries first aftermarket slides for the Sig p320 platform.