Vortex Optics, New Binoculars and Rangefinder at Triggrcon 2019

We meet with Adam from Vortex Optics to go over the new HD lineup of binoculars as well as the new Razor 4000 range finder.

The Best Bullet Proof Backpack to date – Masada Valkyrie Backpack

All the way from Israel, Zahal is showing off the Masada Valkyrie bulletproof concealable body armor backpack system deployable in 2 seconds.

Zev Technologies OZ9 at TriggrCon 2019

We meet with Zev Technologies to learn more about the OZ9, a creative approach to a Glock style handgun with modularity, ergonomics and Zev style.

Gear Head Works brings us the most compact brace ever seen

Steve meets with Gear Head Works to get an update on cool tail hook products for popular platforms and gets to see a new PDW brace.

SBL The first wearable gun safe holster

Is it a wearable gun safe, a gun safe holster, you decide. Is this something you see a need for or could use in your daily carry?

Coolest silencer host handgun we’ve seen – SilencerCo Maxim non NFA

We get a look at the new non NFA Maxim handgun from SilencerCo. This is classified as a handgun but features a unique non moving fixed barrel and much more.

A real AR 12 gauge shotgun from Genesis Arms at Triggrcon 2019

We see the new GEN12 from Genesis Arms, this AR pattern 12 gauge semi auto shotgun fits on AR 308 pattern lower receivers. This was really cool!

[Triggrcon 2019] New Sig p320 slides from Grey Ghost Precision

Jason from Grey Ghost Precision shows off their newest products, the industries first aftermarket slides for the Sig p320 platform.

[Triggrcon 2019] A simply awesome brass deflector – Kinetic Energy Tools

Kinetic Energy Tools brings to the table a really slick and simple brass deflector that fits on any pic Rail or scope tube.

Awesome Glock Slides and Mag extensions from Killer Innovations

We meet with Golden Triggr Award winner Killer Innovations to see their new Glock slides with some absolutely amazing machining.