Prime Armor Warrior Plate

Prime Armor Warrior Plate Carrier Review

Today we are reviewing Prime Armors Warrior Plate Carrier Gen 2. A plate carrier that packs a lot of features without breaking the bank.

Noisefighters Panobridge Review

This thing is just awesome. If you are looking to run dual PVS14 night vision in a binocular setup, the Panobridge is the way to go.
Prime Armor

Prime Armor Level 3 Body Armor Review

In this video we test and review the Prime Armor Ultra lightweight Level 3 plate. Check it out, let us know what you think.
Swampfox Optics Liberty

Swampfox Optics Liberty Review

Checking out the Swampfox Optics Liberty. Looking for an affordable micro red dot carry optic that packs a punch? Watch and decide.
Citadel Levtac 92 Review

Citadel Levtac 92 Review

Up for review is the Citadel Levtac 92. A modern take on a classic western firearm. Check it out, let us know what you think.

London Bridge Trading 6094 G3V2 Review

Rex Takes a look at the 6094 G3v2 plate carrier from London Bridge Trading. See what he thinks, let us know your thoughts.

Custom Glock 19 Build Review

Rex reviews his custom Glock 19. Not everyones cup of tea, however theres absolutely nothing wrong with tastefully guccifying your Glock.
Wilder Tactical Battle Belt

Wilder Tactical Minimalist Battle Belt Review

Checking out the Wilder Tactical Minimalist battle belt set up. I've been running it for a few months and it is probably one of my favorite.
Cromulent Designs Chamber-Flags-Review

Cromulent Designs Chamber Flags Review

These Cromulent Designs chamber flags are some of the nicest I’ve seen, durable and are easy to use and see.

Dead Air Nomad Ti Review

In 2020 Dead Air released the new titanium version of the legendary Nomad suppressor, and it looked great. Dave was able to grab one.