OSS introduces the Next Generation of Firearms Sound Suppression

Operator Suppressor Systems

Like most of you, I enjoy kick-ass action movies. It is not uncommon to see classic James Bond or modern day Jason Bourne creeping up on some unsuspecting bad guy then eliminating him with a quick triple tap, where only the gentle “pfftt, pfftt, pfftt” is heard from their sound suppressed pistol. Or maybe they need to engage a target at distance with some high-speed, low-drag break-down rifle they piece together out of an unassuming backpack.

Interview with Instructor Zero

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFVx99OumbU?rel=0&w=600&h=338] Get to know Instructor Zero in this insider interview by Steve Coulston. While at SHOT SHOW it is not uncommon to run into famous...

Blast It Forward

I remember like it was yesterday when a fellow teammate decided to pull the trigger on his Colt M4 inches away from my melon....

Danner Stalwart Boots: Traditional with a Twist

Invoke the name of Danner Boots, and most will think of traditional, bomb-proof military, duty, and work boots. Boots that have endured the test...

[Review] Fortis LA™ Stock

My good buddy and fellow G&T writer, Chris Tran recently made a comment that is spot on. To paraphrase, he stated, "If all a...

VIKTOS: Tactical, Technical, and Ready for the Everyman PART I

Clothing, like tactical gear, serves a function.  Aside from the obvious benefits of not running around naked, clothing must be functional and purpose-driven aside...
HSGI Duty Grip Belt

HSGI “Duty Grip” Belt System – Ready for Duty

One of the ever-pervasive issues that police officers have to deal with is our duty gear.  Having been in the profession for over a decade...

Innovative Manipulation

Steve Coulston introduces us to the works of Innovative Gunfighter Solutions, LLC, specialists at optimizing handgun performance in multiple ways from slide machining, trigger...

Desert Tech MDR Getaway

Gun writer Steve Coulston and photographer Jody Lewis go to Salt Lake City, UT for an exclusive media event featuring the new Desert Tech...

PWS MK107 Piston AR Pistol

http://gunsandtactics.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/20151030-SMC-06414-e1450879510581.jpg It seems like most blackrifle manufactures are now adding AR pistols offerings to their rifle lines. Boise, ID based Primary Weapon Systems is no...