Geissele SSP Trigger Review

The Geissele Singe Stage Precision (SSP) trigger offers a very nice single stage trigger with a great feel and light break weight.
Vudoo Gun Works V22 Review

Vudoo Gun Works V22 Review

The V22 was built from the ground up to be a precision rimfire rifle. This rifle was, without a doubt, the nicest rimfire I have shot.

OTTO NoizeBarrier Range SA Hearing Protection Review

We review the Otto Engineering NoizeBarrier Range SA Electronic hearing protection. After shooting with them all summer Dave gives us his impression.
88 Tactical's High Threat Vehicle Engagement course 19

High Threat Vehicle Engagements

Dave attends 88 Tactical's High Threat Vehicle Engagements Training Course and gives us a breakdown of his thoughts and experience.

Arisaka Offset Optic Mount Review – The Best Offset Optic Mount?

We check out the new offset optic mount from Arisaka, this truly is the nicest mini red dot mount Dave has seen to date. Maybe the best on the market?

Grey Ghost Precision Combat Pistol Review

0 We head to the range and in the shop to get a close look at the Grey Ghost Precision Combat Pistol. Our sample...

Danger Close Armament Glock Work Review

In this video, we get a close look at the amazing services performed by Danger Close Armament. Bottom line, these guys do the best work in the business.
Grayboe Ridgeback

Grayboe Ridgeback Stock Review

In this video we go over the Grayboe Ridgeback Stock that is carrying a Seekins Precision Havak in 6.5CM. See the stock in detail and on the range.
Sig Sauer P365

Best of Both Worlds – Sig Sauer P365 Review

We take a look at the micro compact Sig Sauer P365. The conceal carry weapon thats turning a lot of heads and changing a lot of minds.
HSGI Duty Grip Belt

HSGI “Duty Grip” Belt System – Ready for Duty

One of the ever-pervasive issues that police officers have to deal with is our duty gear.  Having been in the profession for over a decade...