ARAK-21 by Faxon Firearms: The Next Best Thing?

Like so many of you, I am always looking for the latest and greatest gear the outdoor and firearms industry has to offer. It...

AR-10 Franken-Build

Steve Coulston takes a break from custom-building AR-15s to build a kick-ass AR-10 I like to build AR-15s… A lot. It’s like therapy for me....

ETS C.A.M. Loader

Sore thumbs. Just a reality for the shooter. If you want to shoot semi-auto or select fire firearms, loading mags is part of the...

AR Upgrades from JL Billet

In my pursuit to finish a Cross Machine & Tool (CMT) .308 build, I stumbled on JL Billet, a veteran owned and operated manufacturer based in San Diego, CA. They make some pretty killer looking stuff. Looks aside, I am always concerned with durability and quality, so I set out to put it to the test and share my first hand experience.

Blue Force Gear: Taking Minimalist to a Whole New Level

Carry all of your cool gear in a svelte, secure, slick, and economical way. Although having bulk in life is something most men desire (the...

Rainier Arms Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS)

Back Up Iron Sights for AR type rifles, also known as BUIS, have been around for a while now. I remember getting my first...

Oakley’s Tombstone Eyewear

In January I was introduced to Oakley's new Tombstone eyewear system and since then I have been shooting with them on a weekly basis. I've been a loyal Oakley sunglasses wearer for decades (yes, I'm wearing Oakley Wiretaps on my head as I write this) and have enjoyed their shooting glasses for just as long. The improvements Oakley incorporated into this new Tombstone eyewear, however, are truly game-changing in the shooting sports world, both literally and figuratively... and this new eyewear system has just been released to the public.

Holosun Optics: Worth a Look

I am not an optics snob by any stretch of the imagination.  Through good fortune at work, and in my writing life with access...

Trigger Round-up Part I: Innovative Gunfighter Solutions

Over the next few months, I will run a few different trigger systems through a project Glock that I have. I was initially...

Tyrant Designs Halo MiniVert

How Tyrant Designs is Recreating Skeletonized Fore Grips Fore grips were first seen as early as 1918 on the Thompson submachine gun to help with...