PLR-16 Upgrades

Steve Coulston takes the PLR-16 to the next level with a care package from Kel-Tec. I recently wrote a review on the Kel-Tec PLR-16 that...
Tavor Transformation

Tavor Transformation

If you are looking for a compact rifle that provides short to medium target engagement capabilities in close quarters, urban warfare and open terrain, is battle proven and available to the average, good guy, Joe Blow civilian, the IWI Tavor may be just what the doctor ordered. The 5.56x45mm NATO chambered bullpup rifle sports a chrome lined, 16-inch 1:7 twist cold hammer forged barrel, long stroke piston design and is 100% ambidextrous. It comes in a variety of configurations, colors and can be converted to different calibers and left or right hand eject.
Avalanche charging handle extended from rifle with FDE wings


Steve Coulston Reviews The Ground Breaking New Charging Handle From Rainier Arms… Avalanche It seems like nowadays there is a way to customize just about...
AR Pistol

.300 Blackout AR Pistol

Update: Since the publishing of this article the ATF has since concluded that the SIG Brace device is not designed or intended to fire a...

Desert Tech MDR: The New Bullpup Benchmark?

In this article, Steve Coulston reviews the Desert Tech MDR bullpup-style rifle in .308 and 5.56 caliber. As most of you know, every year, the...

Faxon Firearms GUNNER Barrel: Cost Efficient, Practical, and Lightweight

The ultimate general-purpose barrel Faxon Firearms has positioned itself as a no-nonsense, practical firearms company that offers quality components at reasonable prices. My first...

PWS 6.5 Creedmoor

Every so often we get a firearm or piece gear that comes across our preverbal desk that raises the questionable eyebrow but every so...

Unity Tactical CLUTCH: Discrete and Practical Alternative Carry

A few years ago, I was working as an undercover officer with a few other UCs for a pro-act unit. Our mission over...

Ascend Armory

Very few things in the modern sporting rifle world get me excited. Many products are designed by engineers that are very utilitarian with little...
PWS PCC Headline

Best Pistol Caliber AR Conversion on a Budget

Do you have a “Frankengun” in your safe, or maybe just a lower you’ve been trying to decide what to do with?  Why not consider...