Build Your Own Precision Rifle at Home

Thanks to amazing manufacturers you can now easily assemble your own world class bolt action precision rifle at home with basic tools.

Nightfighter Build Pt. 1 | 11.5” AR-15 Pistol

In this episode we are looking at my "night fighter" AR15 Pistol build. With one range session down let's talk about how it did.

The QA for April 2021

We are back for the monthly episode of the QA. We had several questions, comments and even some mail make it to this month's episode.
Ultimate Backpack Gun

Ultimate Backpack Gun | 5” 300 Blackout

In todays video we will be checking out the parts to my Pandemic build # 1. This is a super short 5" 300blk backpack, concealed carry gun.
Hard-Head-Veteran First Look

Hard Head Veterans Ballistic Helmet ATE

Dave checks out and sets up the Ballistic ATE Helmet from Hard Head Veterans. This helmet offers a lot of value for the money.

Hard Head Veteran Helmet & OTTO Ear Pro

Dave picked up a new Hard Head Veteran ATE helmet and wanted to add his favorite ear pro, the OTTO Range SA. See how it's done.

The QA for March 2021

It is the end of the month so that means its QA time and this show happens to be on the road. We had some great questions and comments and truly appreciate all of our viewers!

State of Red Dot Handgun 2021

In this video Dave goes over where we are at currently with Red Dot Handguns. We talk how we got here, what held us back and more.

The QA for February 2021

We are back for this month's episode of the QA. This month we talk about training prep, safes, feed ramps and more.
AXL Advanced RAC Link Kit

AXL Advanced RAC Link Kit Install

In this video we install the AXL Advanced RAC Link kit onto the Ops-Core AMP arms, and then onto a Hard Head Veterans Ballistic Helmet.