Ultimate Backpack Gun

Ultimate Backpack Gun | 5” 300 Blackout

In todays video we will be checking out the parts to my Pandemic build # 1. This is a super short 5" 300blk backpack, concealed carry gun.
Hard-Head-Veteran First Look

Hard Head Veterans Ballistic Helmet ATE

Dave checks out and sets up the Ballistic ATE Helmet from Hard Head Veterans. This helmet offers a lot of value for the money.
AXL Advanced RAC Link Kit

AXL Advanced RAC Link Kit Install

In this video we install the AXL Advanced RAC Link kit onto the Ops-Core AMP arms, and then onto a Hard Head Veterans Ballistic Helmet.

JP ASF20 Ambi Receiver First Look

We check out the new ambidextrous lower receiver offering from JP. Check out the receiver, see it in use, details, and some lessons learned.
Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster

Alien Gear Rapid Force Duty Holster First Look

Taking a first look at the Alien gear Rapid Force Duty Holster to see how it does and after a few months will report back with a long term review.
Holosun-508T V2

Holosun 508T V2 First Look

We check out the brand new Holosun 508T Version 2 red dot optic. The new titanium red dot sight that offers a tons of features.

Maxim Defense PDX Upper Receivers

The Maxim Defense PDX isn't just a complete SBR or Pistol, you can now buy the upper receiver kit and add your lower to have a compact PDW style firearm.

JP Rifles M-LOK Handguard

This new handguard uses JPs proven barrel nut technology used in their MK III series handguards but adapts it to a slim and rugged rail.

Bravo Company New MK2 Upper Receiver

We take a first look at the new MK2 Forged Upper Receiver from Bravo Company Manufacturing. Usually a forged upper doesn't get much love, not any more.

Noisefighters Sightlines Gel Pads

Noisefighters Sightlines - Wearing ear pro at the range now has gotten more comfortable both physically and hearing wise with this product.