JP Rifles LRI20 – The best Semi-Auto Precision Rifle?

I was super excited to get a first look and some range time with the new JP Enterprises LRI-20. Check out the video and let us know what you think.
Xtech Mag 47

The Best AK Magazine Ever?

We take a first look at the new Xtech Mag47, this is a new polymer AK 47 magazine that is be touted as the...

Timney Triggers MPX Trigger

We take a first look at the new Timney Triggers MPX Trigger. The MPX platform is a great pistol caliber carbine or pistol but...
Nomad Defense - Nomad9 Glock Frame

Nomad Defense Glock Frame

In this video we check out the brand new frame from Nomad Defense Co! This is the only aftermarket frame modeled after the Glock...
Maxim Defense PDX

Maxim Defense PDX First Look

We head to the range at take a first look & fire our first rounds in the new Maxim Defense PDX. Check out this new platform in detail and see it in action.

Aero Precision M4E1 Lower Receiver

Is it billet, is it forged? Well it has the best of both! We check out the new M4E1 lower receiver from...

Geissele SSP Single Stage Precision Trigger

We are looking at what has been described as the best new trigger of 2018. Keep in mind this is our first look, not...

Magpul Pro 700 First Look

In this First Look video of the Magpul Pro 700 chassis Dave puts together a sweet looking bolt gun and gives us a run down of the basic features.

Ascend Armory AR15 Receiver Set

We get our hands on what is possibly the nicest AR15 billet receiver set in all the land. Tolerances, precision, fit, finish, so...

Tyrant Designs T-Comp

Adding a comp to Glock handguns has become a popular topic lately. Tyrant Designs is now offering its entry into the market with the T-Comp.