Gun Belt Set Upvideo

Basic Gun Belt Set Up

In this video Dave goes over a couple of his gun belts, what they are, how they are worn, what is carried and some other thoughts on the topic.
How to Clean Your ARvideo

How to Clean Your AR-15

How to Clean Your AR is the topic for todays Briefing Room. While this is a basic topic it is something we get asked about often and are happy to address.
Modify Carry Gunvideo

Should You Modify a Carry Gun?

Dave goes over some pro's and con's as well as some things to consider about altering a gun that will be carried for protection or work.
3gun rifle buildvideo

Best 3gun Rifle Build

In this video we show what happened with the amazing Ascend Armory Receiver set. Dave built it in to what could...
Briefing Room Sweet 16 Do All Riflevideo

Sweet 16 Do All Rifle

Based on viewer requests, Dave goes over his “sweet 16” do all rifle that has been seen in previous videos. The...
Briefing Room How to Shorten Screwvideo

How to Shorten Screws

Have a screw that's too long? This video is for you! Dave goes over how easy it is to shorten screws and bolts either...
Briefing Room Function Checksvideo

Handgun Function Checks

In this episode we go over function checks for your handgun. A function check is quick series of checks that can be done after...
Briefing Room Rifle Light Placementvideo

Rifle Light Placement

This was a quick idea based off a recent conversation about where to place the light and switch on your rifle. Dave talks about...
Briefing Room - AR15 Function Checksvideo

AR15 Function Checks

In this episode we start with something that a lot of people still aren’t always sure of...AR15 function checks. While this is a simple...

Pin and Weld vs 16 inch barrel

In this episode we go over the pros and cons of having an AR with a 16" barrel versus a shorter barrel with a...