The QA for June 2020

It's the end of the month which means it's QA time. We talk about some Gunsmithing, rifle set up and zero, Glock g45 and a couple more.

The QA for May 2020

In this months QA we cover a variety of topics from stolen guns, first aid kits, dependability, SBR vs pistols and much more.

The QA for April 2020

We are back at the end of every month with the QA series, this month we answer 9 questions from you and giveaway a few things.

The QA for March 2020

Great turn out this month. We talk about optics, rifle parts, ammo, matches, and more including our first audio question!
The QA for February 2020

The QA for February 2020

In this episode of the QA we talk about learning more about gunsmithing, short barrel AR ammo, getting in competition shooting, cleaning, red dots and more.

The QA for January 2020

That time of the month again where we answer your questions. We talk about cerakote, muzzle rubbers, SHOT show, training and more.

The QA for December 2019

In this episode Dave answers seven questions about suppressed shooting, cool 300 Blk pistols, zero distance, MPX and asks what did Santa bring you?

The QA for November 2019

In this episode of the QA we read some letters, answer a few questions of course as well as talk about upcoming video projects.

The QA for October 2019

We tried the QA live for a change, what do you think, stick to the old format or try a live show every once in a while? Check it out and let us know.

The QA for September 2019

In this QA episode we talk about future video ideas, ultrasonic cleaners, car items, kid stuff and gear that has changed from lessons learned.