The QA January 2019

The QA For January 2019

It is that time of the month where we answer your questions, and we are starting the year off with a bang. The most questions ever in a show.
The QA December

The QA For December 2018

As always we answer your questions on the last Monday of the month. This month we had nice questions make it to the show...
The QA November 2018

The QA For November 2018

In this episode we answer 8 questions from showing your papers, hot guns, black boots, Vltor A5, loaded mags and more. As always if...
The QA Oct 2018

The QA For October 2018

In this episode of The QA Dave answers your questions about various AR gas issues, new Glock’s, recoil, cleaning with alcohol and maybe a...
QA September 2018

The QA For September 2018

We are back with this months episode of the QA answering your questions. This month we talk about head space, middle devices, suppressors, shotguns...

The QA For August 2018

In this episode of the QA Dave answers your questions and gives a prize pack away. We talk about swapping uppers, reliable AKs, Glock...

The QA For July 2018

In this months episode we come to you from the TRIGGRCON show floor. We talk .22 pistols, 16" vs 14.5" barrel lengths, suppressors, scope...

The QA For June 2018

In this month's QA we talk about the good old Accupoint 1-4, 300 BLK mags, other defense options, pooping with a gun, and scope...

The QA For May 2018

In this episode of the QA we talk about gas systems, trying out gear, suppressors, plate carriers and more. If you have a question...

The QA For April 2018

In this month's QA we talk about optics, light placement, gas blocks and a good looking operator? Submit your questions to The QA and be...