The QA For May 2017

This is our first episode of The QA, the series where we answer your questions. In this session we talk about 10/22 Take Down...

The QA For September 2017

We are back for the September 2017 episode of The QA. We take a few questions and give away a prize pack thanks to...

The QA For August 2017

Thank you to all of the viewers that submitted questions. Not all were able to make it to the video but those that didn't...

The QA For July 2018

In this months episode we come to you from the TRIGGRCON show floor. We talk .22 pistols, 16" vs 14.5" barrel lengths, suppressors, scope...

The QA For March 2018

In this episode of the QA we talked duty ammo, quality parts, favorite parts, dream classes and of course a little about Youtube's new...

The QA Intro

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The QA For February 2018

We come back from a little winter break with several questions. We talk about suppressed AR builds, barrels, triggers, trusts, Glock wear, mods and...

The QA For June 2018

In this month's QA we talk about the good old Accupoint 1-4, 300 BLK mags, other defense options, pooping with a gun, and scope...

The QA For October 2017

In the October 2017 installment of the QA we talk about AR barrels, zeroing, keymod and mlok and a visitor from down under. This...
QA September 2018video

The QA For September 2018

We are back with this months episode of the QA answering your questions. This month we talk about head space, middle devices, suppressors, shotguns...