Central State Training Group


In this article David introduces us to Central State Training Group, providers of Practical Firearms Training for Every Level of Shooter.

If you’ve ever taken professional firearms training or sought out a trainer you want to receive training from, then you probably know that it can sometimes be a challenge to research and select a provider you want to trust. Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher the reality of training versus a guy you may have seen on YouTube pushing the newest fad in firearms. The quantity of “knowledge” one can obtain these days can certainly be overwhelming at times. This is why it is so important to take the necessary time to seek out qualified trainers with solid reputations and truthful, applicable backgrounds.

In Kansas we have a few options without traveling too terribly far, but one group that I often recommend to shooters of all levels are the guys at Central State Training Group in Pretty Prairie, Kansas. These folks have it together and the overall experience of receiving training from CSTG keeps me coming back. Central State is owned and operated by Jason and Scott Perry, two brothers that have been in the law enforcement field for more than 20-years each. They run their classes at a private range outside of Hutchison, Kansas, but also travel take their training on the road, delivering high-quality classes as far away as Puerto Rico. CSTG’s private range is a very nice outdoor facility with plenty of lanes allowing for multiple shooters to participate safely. They can accommodate shooting out to 100+ yards and are currently in the process of building a large shoot house. Their range is certainly impressive, but their firearms and training certifications are what really stand out.

Jason has been to multiple academies, including Front Sight, Thunder Ranch, Larry Vickers Tactical and several others and is also a graduate and Associate Instructor with Defense Training International. He is certified through the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC), NRA, and Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) as an “Instructor of Police Firearms” and holds a Master Firearms Instructor certification through KDOC. Jason is a 20+ year veteran with the KDOC, holding the rank of Captain and has been the Special Operations Commander for the Hutchison Correctional Facility for the last 10-years. His job includes running a 36-man tactical team and organizing all training and development of these officers.

Scott has served as firearms instructor for several agencies, as well as a lead defensive tactics/self defense instructor. He has been assigned to road duties and is also a SWAT officer, where he performed high-risk entries, hostage rescues and warrant service. Scott has trained with the world famous LAPD SWAT as well as Springfield, MO SWAT and has also worked at Triple Canopy as a lead firearms and tactics instructor where he was responsible for training contract personnel for the Department of Defense and State Department. He has been instructing police and military personnel in the use of defensive firearms for nearly 20-years and is capable of teaching everything from basic safety up to the highest level of tactical training.

I have attended multiple classes from Central State and can speak from experience when I say that Scott and Jason are extremely focused on making everyone there into a better shooter. These guys run a very safe class and well controlled range. I’ve trained with several providers over the years, but was thoroughly impressed with Scott and Jason and the drills and tactics they presented. They preach the “keep it simple” aspect of training with no frills, no crazy tacticool moves and keep the focus on simply doing the basics better, cleaner and faster. They focus on accuracy while trying to increase speed because no matter how fast you shoot, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t getting hits on target.

The last class I attended was a two-part handgun class where I spent the first (introductory) part of the class shooting photos and occasionally jumping in for new drills that I had never run before. This class was comprised of shooters with various skill levels from recent high school graduates who had hardly fired a handgun to people who had some basic experience, but wanted more experience and training. By the end of the class it was clear that all the students had gained important knowledge and plenty of hands-on learning opportunities. One of the with one of the very new students even hit a steel torso target at nearly 100-yards with a Glock 17. All the students received the one-on-one instructor attention they needed as the class flowed smoothly.

I have seen Central State teach everything from hand-to-hand tactics to Basic Handgun to Tactical Carbine and I learn something new every time I take their classes. From basic weapons manipulation to teaching how to properly clear a room or home, Jason and Scott have not disappointed with the wide array of classes they teach. There is always more to learn and I will certainly be training with them again.

For more information on Central State Training Group’s qualifications or to reach out for training please visit their website at www.centralstatetraininggroup.com.