Civil looking High Mobility Military Mission Vehicle (HiMO)


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This week at Eurosatory we visited with Arctic Trucks from Iceland, builders of one of the most bad-ass rides we’ve come across. This vehicle has all the comforts of a typical 4WD combined with all the capability of a destroyer on wheels!

Since 1990, Arctic Trucks has been pimping out Land Cruisers for super off-road driving in the most extreme conditions. The HiMO LC200 features 42” tires, an electrically controlled diesel engine and Limp Mode Override System (LOS).

The HiMO also features an independent Accessory Electrical System (AES), an Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) solution, a single switch Black-Out System (BOS) and a number of armoring solutions. Combined with a variety of armoring solutions, the HiMO is built to protect against side blasts and IED explosions as well as high-explosive threats from the roof to the floor.

Already in use by the Norwegian Army and the Lithuanian Army, Special Forces use this vehicle to tackle the toughest terrain challenges on the globe. Learn more about Arctic Trucks at