CMMG Discovers Defect in All Models of the 5.7 AR Conversion Magazines



ALL models of the CMMG 5.7 AR Conversion Magazines

  • CMMG 5.7 AR Conversion Magazine – 10 Round (SKU 54AFC56)
  • CMMG 5.7 AR Conversion Magazine – 40 Round (SKU 54AFCA2)

Defect: CMMG has discovered a defect with all CMMG 5.7 AR Conversion Magazines. The defect can sporadically allow cartridges to become unseated from the feed lips causing them to eject out the top of the magazine.

Remedy: CMMG has redesigned the CMMG 5.7 AR Conversion Magazine to ensure cartridges remain fully seated in the feed lips. CMMG will be offering free returns and replacements to all consumers who currently own a CMMG
5.7 AR Conversion Magazine.

Please note, the new magazines are only available in 10rd and 32rd capacities, and will still be compatible only with CMMG 5.7x28mm Radial Delayed Blowback upper receivers that are paired with a mil-spec AR15 lower receiver.

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CMMG 5.7 Magazine Free Exchange

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