Combat Nutrition for Maximum Performance


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[dcs_fancy_header color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]Frustrated by having to take up to twenty pills and capsules per day, Officer Dyer, and his team of Special Ops Marines, came up with the idea for RuckPack.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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Life’s Combat Nutrition

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RuckPack is the combination of an energy shot and nutritional supplement; defining a new category within the energy drink and sports energy drink markets – Peak Performance Nutrition.

The only nutritional shot created on the battlefield by Special Operations Forces Marines for the rigor of war, RuckPack is proven to sustain peak mental and physical performance.

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Just What The Body Needs

No empty energy. No niacin flush. No shakes. No jolt. No crash. No nasty chemical aftertaste.

RuckPack focuses on attitude, sharp cognitive skills, strong bones, electrolyte charged bodies, good circulation, strong muscles, healthy joints, and a responsive immune system.


Vitamins: C, B6, B12, D3

Electrolytes: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium

Branch Chained Amino Acids

Other: Theobromine, Chondroitin, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Alpha-Glyceral Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC)


Battle Tested

RuckPack was developed by Robert Dyer, an active duty Marine Corps Officer and other Special Ops Marines to provide a single source of supplemental nutrition for troops in the battlefield. Officer Dyer’s vision was to produce a power-packed vitamin & energy shot capable of delivering maximum performance, caffeine-free.

Peak Performance Nutrition

RuckPack is now available to elite athletes, and other active people seeking a boost in energy, endurance, and overall health from natural sources.

“Withstanding The Rigors Of War Takes Extreme Energy And Nutritional Sustenance.”

Packed with natural (clean!) energy and loaded with essential vitamins, RuckPack® delivers only what the body needs, and nothing more, in a delicious 2oz shot earning a BevNET 4 out of 5 stars.

All RuckPack ingredients work together to promote lasting energy and core wellness.

About Major Robert Dyer, RuckPack

Major Robert Dyer is an active duty Marine Corps aviation officer, a highly decorated combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and an entrepreneur who is combining his wartime experience and business acumen to create supplemental nutrition and energy products for military and active civilians alike.

Dyer founded his company, San Diego-based Noots! Nutrition, in 2008, drawing on his experience in a modern war waged under vastly different conditions than prior conflicts, requiring new technologies, weapons and skillsets along with increased energy, endurance and nutrition.

One of his company’s first products is RuckPack, a concentrated liquid energy shot of essential vitamins and minerals, without caffeine. Dyer developed RuckPack under battlefield conditions to help weary troops recover quickly from fatigue and dehydration with minimal down time under stressful conditions.

Read more about Major Robert Dyer and RuckPack >

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