Combat Nutrition for Maximum Performance – Caffeine Free


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[dcs_fancy_header bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]Developed by Special Operations Marines on the battlefield, RuckPack is proven to sustain peak mental and physical performance.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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We all need a boost from time to time. For some it is coffee, others tea and then there is the energy drink crowd. I know some folks who pound these drinks all day long. Most of these drinks have niacin and caffeine that will give you the jitters and eventually result in a crash. For that reason, I stay away from them. Recently, a buddy of mine threw me a bottle of RUCKPACK. I was hesitant to try it because of my previous experiences with energy drinks. Once he explained to me what it was and what it wasn’t I gave in and took the shot. It tasted like a tangy peach flavor. Not too bad. The rest of the day was spent at the range in hot weather. Throughout that time, I felt energized and alert. I never got the jitters or had a crash.

RUCKPACK has its origins in the military. It was created by Major Robert Dyer, USMC combat veteran. He founded the company in 2008 because he saw that combat troops in the field needed something to help them recover quickly from fatigue. So he put his head together with other MARSOC Marines to produce a “power-packed vitamin & energy shot capable of delivering maximum performance, caffeine-free.” After years of research and testing, RUCKPACK was debuted on Veterans Day 2011. This is no coincidence as the company in 80% veteran owned. RUCKPACK was a large success and has received praises from members from all branches of the military and is now used by athletes and other wellness minded individuals.

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Just What The Body Needs

No empty energy. No niacin flush. No shakes. No jolt. No crash. No nasty chemical aftertaste.


The ingredients are listed on their website, but basically consist of Vitamins C, B6, B12 and D3. It is packed full of electrolytes. "RUCKPACK was designed as a core wellness nutritional energy shot. Its focus is not just energy. RUCKPACK also focuses on attitude, sharp cognitive skills, strong bones, electrolyte charged bodies, good circulation, strong muscles, healthy joints, and a responsive immune system."

RUCKPACK continue to support our brothers and sisters who continually serve to preserve our way of life. They give 10% of their profits to non-profit organizations and they support the Wounded Warrior Foundation, the MARSOC Foundation and Hunters Fight to name a few.

“We will always give a minimum of 10% of our profits to not for profit organizations in an effort to build a stronger nation. We believe that while business is, at its root, an opportunity to attain wealth, wealth is a moral obligation to take care of those in need. Our aim of 10% is a minimum goal. As profits and company stability increase so will the percentage we return to communities in need. We will strive to attain a 40% donation point.”

If you are looking for a great energy drink, that is good for you, is veteran owned, veteran approved and supports our vets, look no further. Order online at with promo code GUNSNADTACTICS to save 10%. RUCKPACK – COMBAT NUTRITION. GET SOME!