CTAV – Cooling and Trauma Attenuating Vest by CORTAC


Join Gear & Tactics host Mike Haytack for a review of the CTAV™ by CORTAC™.

Since November of 2012, EAGLElement has conducted extensive Test and Evaluation (T/E) on a special application. An American company called CORTAC has developed a product that retrofits to current body armor, and they call it the CTAV, or Cooling and Trauma Attenuating Vest. While the CTAV may be new to some, many well-respected users of body armor throughout the world have taken notice and applied the CTAV successfully.

Law enforcement professional Jeremy Harrel is one of the primary founders of CORTAC. After dealing with several on the job life and death situations, Jeremy decided to help create an application that would offer his peers better odds. Needless to say, this company takes technology associated with life support applications serious.

“It all boils down to you staying dryer, helping you combat dehydration or even hypothermia.”

The CTAV functions by combining two main technologies. The first is EverDry™, the main surface which is comprised of nanocrystals that help wick moister away from your body.. The second technology is simple, the Advanced Impact Resistance platform, or AIR™. These are air chambers that run throughout the body of the application and are inflated using a small pump. Combined, these features allow the body and existing base layers to respond more efficiently to increases in body temperature; essentially creating a thermo regulated microclimate between you and your armor. It all boils down to you staying dryer, helping you combat dehydration or even hypothermia. An additional benefit of the AIR technology is its proven ability to limit injuries related to ballistic strikes and non-ballistic impacts. That’s technology any operator can appreciate.

Currently, two cuts, or configurations, are offered. The first is the concealable cut, which is used for traditional soft armor carriers. The second is the Tactical cut, which is designed for SAPI style plates. Both are secured to the back of either configuration using the supplied adhesive Velcro strips. To give you an example, the tactical cut is applied to Mayflower’s XL Assault Plate Carrier in the pictures. During SHOT Show 2013 CORTAC announced that the CTAV will be fully integrated into a Survival Armor® carrier system and available for purchase early spring 2013.

While minor issues where noted with wear characteristics, EAGLElement believes the CTAV will revolutionize the way body armor manufacturers view their current and future applications. Before long, it is expected the CTAV will be integrated into most popular tactical carriers. The evaluation concluded that the CTAV creates a safer op environment by allowing your body to regulate its temperature and enhancing your current protection capabilities. All this creates a more focused and confident operator. If you take your op capabilities seriously, CORTAC’s CTAV deserves a closer look.

Visit CORTAC at www.cortac.com.

Please also check out Survival Armor at www.survivalarmor.com.

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  1. “While minor issues where noted with wear characteristics”

    Hmm, eludes to the fact that there are issues with the CORTAC system but doesn’t bother to inform folks on what those exact issues are. Yeah, I’d call that piss poor review… Mike Haytack gets a NO-GO at this station.

    • Mike, I agree, more content should have been provided regarding the issues. While conducting dynamic activities I experienced minor rubbing at the base of the CTAV. After adjusting the CTAV this went away. Thanks for keeping me honest, I’ll tighten up my shot group next time. ~ Mike Haytack

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