CTRL by e-Tint featured at the Quantico Tactical Booth at SOFIC 2019

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CTRL® eyewear changes from light to dark tint in less than 0.1second. No lens change needed. 

Aberdeen, NC– (May 2019) Quantico Tactical® is proud to announce that e-Tint, LLC will be exhibiting with them at the 2019 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), booth #1811.  E-Tint’s CTRL®line is the ONLYactively tinting eye protection APPROVED on the APEL.  

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CTRL®is the first-ever battlefield-ready, electronically controllable eyewear – now approved for the Army’s Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL). Combining ballistic lenses with e-Tint’s Electronic Tint-on-DemandTMtechnology, CTRL®is designed to enhance tactical capability and provide protection by enabling automatic switching when lighting conditions shift (for example, moving from outdoor sunshine into a dark building). By switching tint manually (on/off button) or automatically (hands-free) to adjust to any environment instantly (0.1 sec), soldiers are not required to remove their sunglasses, and their eyes remain protected at all times.

Originally developed for strategic military application in partnership with the Air Force, Navy, and Army, CTRL®eyewear offers speed and control: instant tine change with a simple press of a button, or in a hands-free mode that can be adjusted to users’ preference. With a built-in light sensor which can be programmed to exact needs, these goggles and spectacles are the Next Gen solutions for today’s warriors to eliminate the need to lift their goggle or spectacle, or mechanically change the lens, which leaves eyes unprotected in dangerous, fast-paced situations.

Using expertise in liquid crystal photonics and optics, e-Tint’s early award-winning light-reactive visors for the United States Air Force was tailored to produce eyewear that meets or exceeds the Army’s exacting MIL Spec standards, including: stringent ballistic and impact requirements ANSI z87.1 for use in military and tactical operations; high quality (ANSI z80.3) optics; anti-fog and 100% UV blocking. Equipped with a ‘fail-safe’ mechanism to ensure your safety – in the event of a loss of power, the lens will automatically go clear.

Other features include: adjustable features (nose piece, strap, arms) to allow for a comfortable and customized fit, threshold adjustment to enable tailoring of the point at which system tints interchangeable lenses (e-Tint and clear) for greater flexibility, and an optional prescription lens mount.

Stop by Quantico Tactical Booth #1811, at SOFIC 2019, to learn more about e-Tint® and their incredible eyewear.  If unable to visit at SOFIC, contact a Quantico Tactical representative at [email protected].

About Quantico Tactical:

Quantico Tactical®is a leading supplier of operational Equipment to the Military, Federal Agencies, State/Local LEO, and Private Security.  Whether you are using MIPRs/MILSTRIP to purchase off our DLA Tailored Logistics Support contracts for Special Operational Equipment and Fire & Emergency Services Equipment, or buying off our GSA Contract, we are committed to on-time delivery, offering the best value for your money and making your procurement easy and enjoyable.  Most of Quantico Tactical’s team, from the Founder/CEO to the newest team members, are Veterans or family members of Veterans.   As such, they understand that delivering timely and correct solutions to those called to protect and serve our nation is vital to mission success.

For more information about Quantico Tactical® please e-mail [email protected], call 910.944.5800 or visit www.QuanticoTactical.com.

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About e-Tint:

E-Tint, LLC is the company behind CTRL®, the world’s fastest high performance, electronically tinting eyewear and visors. Designed for United States military use, e-Tint’s technology is now available in eyewear, goggles, and visors for soldiers and civilians who require precision optics every step of the way.

Using research, development, and testing by the award-winning advanced physics team in AlphaMicron’s laboratories, e-Tint brings cutting-edge science to bear on modern eyewear. Leveraging proprietary liquid crystal technology, CTRL®is the world’s fastest transitional eyewear, bar none. A single lens will transform from light to dark, or dark to light, in less than 0.1 seconds.

To learn more about e-Tint®and CTRL®please contact [email protected], call (877) 451-5937 or visit us www.e-tintproducts.com.

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