Defender Ammunition Offers Discount to 2nd Annual Memorial 3-Gun


Raeford, N.C. – (May 2019) The Memorial 3Gun Foundation is proud to announce that Defender Ammunition has stepped up to sponsor the 2nd Annual Memorial 3-Gun Competition in a big way!  Not only have they offered a 10% discount to all the competitors that attend the competition, but they are also matching those savings by donating that amount back to the Foundation.  

Defender Ammunition Company is offering a 10% discount on any single purchase for any Memorial 3-Gun shooters. This means that the shooters can use this on a single 50 count box of ammunition or as much as they wish to purchase (brass credits can not be applied to discount).Defender Ammunition has a list of the registered competitors, so all they have to do when they come into the Showroom is tell them their name and show proof of identification. This is a one-time use discount which in turn benefits M3G.

What does that mean exactly? Defender Ammunition Company will be recording what is purchased and how much was saved by using the discount and then donate that amount back to M3G. For example, if a customer purchases $1,000 worth of ammunition and saves $100 on that order Defender will then put $100 into their records to go towards the Grand Total at the end.  For example, when all is said and done and all the shooters who purchased through Defender will have total savings combined of let’s say $3,000, Defender will then donate $3,000 directly back to M3G.  A representative from Defender Ammunition had this to say: “We felt that we could not only benefit the cause but give back to the shooters as well who are supporting the Memorial 3Gun Foundation.”

For the M3G shooters not local to the Fort Bragg area, Defender is providing a special discount code that will be sent via email so competitors don’t miss out on the savings which in turn will go directly back towards the cause.  In addition, whether it is 1 fifty count box of ammunition or 20 one thousand count cases the shooter will pay only $10 for flat rate shipping.

Please feel free to email or contact Defender Ammunition or Memorial 3Gun Foundation with any questions or concerns regarding the promotion for the M3G shooters. The Defender Ammunition factory showroom is open Mondays through Friday 9 am to 4 pm and Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm.

About Memorial 3-Gun Foundation:

The mission of the Memorial 3Gun Foundation is to remember, honor, and memorialize fallen Special Operations soldiers through the world of competitive shooting. We want the families to know they are not alone during and after this tragic time. Our 2nd Annual Memorial 3-Gun Competition is September 13-15, 2019.  During our competition, we share stories and remember who these heroes were and the life they led. Every person who competes walks away with a sense of who each of these men were. All proceeds for our events go directly to the families of the fallen soldiers we are honoring at the event. We will never forget and not let anyone else forget, the ultimate sacrifice these brave men made for this country.   

To learn more about the Memorial 3Gun Foundation, visit us on the web at, watch our documentary on YouTube and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

About Defender Ammunition:

The best source for premium ammunition delivered quickly and topped with unyielding patriotism and customer service.  To learn more about Defender Ammunition, visit them on the web at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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