Desktop Wallpaper from STICKMAN


Looking to personalize your desktop with a little gun related bling? Look no further as you discover this next series of desktop background imagery from STICKMAN.

You may not realize it, but STICKMAN is responsible for a hefty portion of the best gun porn out there. With his photos appearing in most leading gun related magazines, covers, catalogs, banners and websites, STICK’s style of photography and attention to quality has quickly set him apart form other photographers as a man with camera in demand.













Currently, STICKMAN is the designated photographer for Magpul giving them a real “unfair advantage” as he makes sure every image is precise. STICK has also done work for more than forty other manufacturers within the firearms community. Other projects include shooting photos for the US Military, where STICKMAN’s photos have been used as training aids for our next generation of warriors.

Most recently, STICKMAN has started shooting photos and contributing articles for MilitaryTimes.

STICK served his country in the military and is now a full-time LEO. He plans to keep the primary focus of his photography aimed at weapons, accessories and related equipment reviews.

Download the latest desktop wallpaper available from STICKMAN on Flickr.


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