EDC101.com: "Dear WIRED.COM: No, America Doesn’t Have A Gun Problem."


Is lying by omission also "Fake News"?

EDC101.com published a post showing how selectively using graphs and numbers can push an agenda. Wired.com published a video in September of 2016 that if taken at face-value, showed America having a serious problem with the number of guns and gun sales. Dave Estes of EDC101.com took the time to research the graphs and numbers. He was able to show that Wired.com misled it’s readers by showing only small parts of the actual graphs. Check out the article HERE.

Some highlights:

This is a chart from the video. It is representative of many of the infographics they presented. It has a chart showing guns going up over time (which suggests that we are becoming a more heavily armed nation). Now taking any political stance out of this, we are a heavily armed nation. We have always been. It is literally in the constitution. You can agree with that or don’t, it’s irrelevant. My issue is with this video suggesting that we are both increasingly armed and then drawing a correlation between that and an increase in violence in our country. This is where the dishonesty is.

This was the first thing that tipped me off that something was wrong with what they were saying. If you are ever looking at a data set and think something is fishy, get more information. In this case, they made a chart showing new guns available from 1999-2013. Remember that chart of gun sales reaching an all time high? Let me show you that chart again, but this time I’ll zoom out a little to show you the years they intentionally left out…


Thank you, EDC101.com.

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  1. Dishonesty is, has always been and will continue being the M.O. of the far left. It is the ONLY way that they can attempt to further their agenda. Genuine facts always show them to be wrong……………..ALWAYS.

  2. Lying by omission…remember that when you take on oath in court, you swear to tell “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” By that legal definition, this chart would qualify as perjury, because although it is “the truth” it is not “the whole truth.”

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