Elbit Systems Introduces Dominator-LD (Light Dismounted), the Newest Member of the Successful Dominator® IICS Family


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Especially developed for tactical, dismounted individual soldiers and Special Forces, the new system is a compact, lightweight, all-in-one command and control (C2) solution.

Combining the new individual soldier level Dominator-LD with the command level Dominator® IICS provides fighting forces with a complete and comprehensive solution, best suited for modern battlefield requirements.

The new solution is based on the vast operational experience accumulated by the Dominator® IICS user community, including the Israel Defense Forces, the Australian Army, Armies in Latin America and Europe, and recently selected by the Finnish Army.

Elbit Systems launched today a new member of the Dominator® IICS (Integrated Infantry Combat System) solution: Dominator-Light Dismounted (LD), a new lightweight version, geared specifically for the tactical dismounted infantry soldier and Special Forces. The new Dominator-LD is a soldier centric solution, based on the vast experience accumulated by the Dominator® IICS solution. While the Dominator® IICS is well suited for the command level, the extremely lightweight Dominator-LD is the ultimate command and control (C2) solution for the individual soldier level.

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Enabling full situational awareness via network-integrated information systems, this unique solution provides superior mobility due to its reduced size, weight and power (SWaP). Dominator-LD is comprised of Elbit Systems’ RAPTOR rugged, all-in-one wearable computing unit, the TORC2H –D command and control application and the highly advanced Tadiran PNR-1000A, a compact, lightweight, personal network radio. An add-on capability for a comprehensive on-the-move situational awareness picture is the JS Eyepiece handheld display unit. The new solution includes a load cartridge system for the fighting soldier, designed based on years of experience and lessons learned in fielding digital soldier systems in operational environments. Dominator-LD has a unique modular approach, enabling a small number of components to be configured in the field in various ensembles, to support different operational needs. Dominator-LD weighs less than 1kg for over 24 hours of operational use, offering a revolutionary C4I system that significantly improves the soldier’s lethality, mobility and survivability in the changing requirements of the modern battlefield.

When outfitted with Dominator-LD, soldiers can send and receive information in real-time, view an up-to-the-minute common operational picture, access live videos from either external or on-body sensors and transmit images and positions back to the command post and colleagues. The solution’s modular design and open architecture enables easy growth potential through integration with any Battle Management Systems (such as Elbit’s TORC2H®) and coalition forces as well as with all of the Dominator® IICS systems and sub-systems, among them the Skylark® I-LE Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), the Mars un-cooled thermal imaging camera, the Coral thermal imaging camera, the S-NAV soldier navigating system and more.

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Dominator® incorporates Elbit Systems’ C4I solution for the infantry user was developed specifically to assure simple, swift operation in the most intense combat scenarios. It supports planning, situational awareness, target handling, devices connectivity as well as video and map displays. It also provides command and control functionalities for all levels of commands of light infantry forces along with interface to armored units, artillery and close air support.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Future Infantry Program, which began several years ago, also includes parts of the Dominator® concept, as an ultimate solution for infantry forces in integrated combat.

The Australian Army selected parts of the Dominator® concept for its Land 75/125 program, in which Elbit Systems will supply, integrate, install and support Battle Group and Below Command, Control and Communications (BGC3) systems for soldiers, Vehicle Mounted Commanders and Headquarters/Command Post Staff.

A Latin American Army selected Elbit Systems Dominator® as well additional Command, Control, Computer & Communications (C4I) systems and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems. The project is a part of the Army’s extensive modernization program and is designated for all echelons, from the maneuvering forces up to the command headquarters.

Elbit Systems was also selected by the Finnish Army, to supply advanced dismounted soldier systems, in the first phase of a comprehensive ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) program.

Dominator-LD is comprised of:

  • RAPTOR is a compact, rugged, all-in-one wearable computing unit that offers the dismounted soldier complete situational awareness through net-centric integrated information systems. Fully integrated with tactical networks, the unit’s miniature dimensions, lightweight and ergonomic design are tailored to battlefield conditions, allowing for ease-of-use without interfering with the soldier’s fighting ability.
  • Tadiran PNR-1000A is a highly advanced, compact personal network radio that integrates high quality intra-platoon voice communications with embedded C4I application capabilities and a GPS. The radio’s advanced features include dynamic network architecture for voice, data and video communications, priority mode communications, interconnectivity to long-range radio networks and unprecedented operational range.
  • JS Eyepiece is an innovative hand-held display unit that presents a comprehensive on-the-move situational awareness picture using advanced optics with minimal distortion, a wide field of view and zero-light emission for night-time operation. The digital compass and high quality camera embedded in the display are fully integrated with both the personal display unit (PDU) and Elbit Systems’ TORC2H® command and control application. Creating a force multiplier for management of all phases of combat, the JS Eyepiece camera supports augmented reality of command and control data and includes capabilities of planning, execution, navigation, target acquisition and debriefing.
  • TORC2H –D – a cross platform command and control application specifically designed for the dismounted infantry soldier’s operational needs and operating environment, supporting open standards and interfaces for data sharing. TORC2H –D provides real-time situational awareness including Blue Force Tracker, enemy tracks and on-the-move combat management support. Fully integrated with Elbit Systems’ TIGER® —Tactical Information Grid Infrastructure the application provides automatic dissemination of geography and location based on hierarchy and can be integrated with multiple communication networks. The multi-purpose Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows radio control from within the application display and includes a covert mode for night operations.

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About Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world. The Company, which includes Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries, operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (“C4ISR”), unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”), advanced electro-optics, electro-optic space systems, EW suites, airborne warning systems, ELINT systems, data links and military communications systems and radios. The Company also focuses on the upgrading of existing military platforms, developing new technologies for defense, homeland security and commercial aviation applications and providing a range of support services.

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