Episode 1: Enhanced Rigger’s Belt II from 215 Gear


Join Gear & Tactics host, Mike Haytack, as he showcases the leading manufacturers of outdoor and tactical products used on today’s modern battlefield.

While maintaining all the same standards of their ultimate rigger belt, 215 Gear produced the Enhanced Rigger Belt II for those looking for a more economical alternative. In collaboration with AustriaAlpin they design and produce a propriety buckle specifically for this belt. The 215 Gear buckle is a 1.75” 7075 aluminum alloy frame designed with a wider loop through making it easier to feed the webbing and incorporates a floating stainless steel adjuster bar. The hard coated frame makes it corrosive resistant and impervious to salt water.

The belt itself is constructed with double layered Type 13 Mil-Spec webbing and sewn with 6 rows of 3 cord the entire length of the belt. Another unique feature is the sewn in link point. This reduces weight and the overall profile of the belt. This construction provides the user with an extremely safe, light and ridged belt. If you are looking at getting all the same quality of 215 Gear’s original ultimate rigger belt with a lower price point, check out the enhanced rigger belt II from 215 Gear. Visit www.215gear.com to learn more.

Currently, two cuts, or configurations, are offered. The first is the concealable cut, which is used for traditional soft armor carriers. The second is the Tactical cut, which is designed for SAPI style plates. Both are secured to the back of either configuration using the supplied adhesive Velcro strips. To give you an example, the tactical cut is applied to Mayflower’s XL Assault Plate Carrier in the pictures. During SHOT Show 2013 CORTAC announced that the CTAV will be fully integrated into a Survival Armor® carrier system and available for purchase early spring 2013.

While minor issues where noted with wear characteristics, EAGLElement believes the CTAV will revolutionize the way body armor manufacturers view their current and future applications. Before long, it is expected the CTAV will be integrated into most popular tactical carriers. The evaluation concluded that the CTAV creates a safer op environment by allowing your body to regulate its temperature and enhancing your current protection capabilities. All this creates a more focused and confident operator. If you take your op capabilities seriously, CORTAC’s CTAV deserves a closer look.

Visit CORTAC at www.cortac.com.

Please also check out Survival Armor at www.survivalarmor.com.

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