EXPAL at Eurosatory 2012


EXPAL, the defense business unit of MAXAM, will be exhibiting at the 2012 Eurosatory international defense trade show to be held in Paris June 11-15. MAXAM, which was founded by Alfred Nobel (the Nobel of the Nobel Prize and the inventor of TNT) in 1872, is based in Spain and built its core business around explosives for both the civilian and military sectors and ammunition.

In addition to a wide range of small arms, artillery, and naval ammunition, along with propellants, initiators, pyrotechnics, and EOD equipment, EXPAL offers some specialized munitions and weapon systems.

First is the GAB underwater grenade. Designed to defend ships and coastal installations against hostile divers, its employment requires little more than dropping it into the water. The grenade automatically arms at a depth of three meters and detonates at a depth of either six or 11 meters, as preset by the user, using a hydrostatic fuse. It is particularly lethal given that water is not very compressible, which is why it transmits shock waves so well.

For the offensive side of underwater combat, EXPAL offers the Mila 6-C underwater limpet mine. The Mila can be affixed by a diver to the hull of a ship or to other underwater structures requiring demolition. It uses a computer-controlled timed fuse for detonation. It has been demonstrated to have a high probability of penetration against steel targets with thicknesses of 12mm, 24mm, and 36mm.

In addition to its line of 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortars and ammunition, EXPAL has designed EIMOS, the EXPAL Integrated Mortar System. EIMOS is normally fitted onto a 4×4 wheeled vehicle—it can be adapted to any number of different platforms—and can incorporate EXPAL’s “Techfire” fire control system. Techfire integrates sensor, fire control, and weapon systems to automate most of the firing process and improve engagement time.

EIMOS can utilize any of EXPAL’s wide range of mortar ammunition, which is specially designed to reduce weight in order to attain range increases of up to 10% or out to 10 kilometers with 120mm rounds. Available rounds include high explosive (HE), smoke (HC), and illumination. The installation normally includes storage for an addition 52 rounds plus six in ready racks, though storage capacity is dictated by the mortar caliber.

EXPAL has not yet announced its booth location for Eurosatory 2012.