Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains


Meet Bond’s villains, uncover their evil schemes, and explore their exotic lairs and weapons in this special exhibit commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Bond films.

The International Spy Museum has recently partnered with James Bond 007 film producers, EON Productions, to showcase over 100 artifacts from including airships, underground lairs, nuclear weapons, hungry sharks and more in this commemorative exhibit celebrating fifty-years of James Bond. No visit to Washington DC should be considered adequate without a visit to this amazing museum, an enjoyable field trip for any local or tourist, young or old.

The interactive exhibit profiles Bond movie doers of evil and their brilliant criminal plots, which reflect the changing eras of time and highlight how Agent 007 has influenced the social perception of real-life espionage. Walking through this amazing exhibit, visitors are presented with historical artifacts, actual documents, props, and classic film clips and audio bytes from James Bond and his clever criminal adversaries.

As you tour the exhibit, you’ll see specially created videos of intelligence professionals revealing surprising connections between Bond films and actual world events and espionage tradecraft. You’ll also hear from actual intelligence professionals as they share their own personal “Bond Moment” – spine-tingling tales from their real-world experiences in the field. Find out how you measure up to Bond and his villains with exciting interactive opportunities, including diffusing an atomic bomb!

“Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains” galleries include:

Bond Begins

Explore the man behind Bond: Ian Fleming—and his WWII intelligence work that inspired 007’s creation. Learn more ›

Cold War Power Plays

Meet Bond’s longest-lasting rival, Ernst Stavro Blofeld and uncover his nefarious schemes to set the superpowers against each other. Learn more ›

Earth Redesigned

Encounter villains who want to wipe out the human race. Learn more ›

Murderous Monopolists

Discover two villains who plan to monopolize information age technology in order to obtain fabulous wealth and control the world. Learn more ›

Drug and Thugs

Trace how the drug trade evolved on film, from 1973’s heroin dealer Dr. Kananga, to 1989’s bloodthirsty cocaine kingpin Franz Sanchez. Learn more ›

Cold War Castoffs

Meet villains who pursue power, money, and mad schemes of revenge amid the ideological wreckage and changing political landscape of the post-Cold War world. Learn more ›

New World Disorder

Witness a new generation of shadowy villains who back terrorists and exploit environmental causes to mask their evil intentions. Learn more ›

My Bond Moment

In this series of short videos, real intelligence operatives share their memories of their own real missions when they found themselves in a situation that could have been a scene in a 007 blockbuster. Learn more ›

Weapons of Mass Disruption

See the different ways that cyberspace has become a battleground for the military, terrorists, and spies like SKYFALL’s Silva. Learn more ›

Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains is included in the General Admission ticket. It’s well worth the price and you’ll enjoy spending several hours of any given day exploring the many impressive galleries and interactive experiences offered at the International Spy Museum.

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