FAB Defense Offers Free GL-MAG M4 Survival Stocks


The Mako Group distributes the GL-MAG M4 Survival Stock in the USA to ensure that law enforcement, military units, sportsmen and home defenders always have at least ten extra rounds of ammo in hand.

The Mako Group, a leading US distributor of weapon accessories designed and manufactured in Israel, announced today that FAB DEFENSE has introduced a rifle buttstock that does what no other collapsible AR-15 (M4) buttstock can do: carry an integral 5.56 or .223 magazine of any capacity, ready for instant access.

Free for a limited time, purchasers will receive a bonus 10-round AR-15 (M4) magazine.

GL-MAG M4 SURVIVAL STOCKS can carry any capacity AR-15 (M4) magazines.

These are held securely in the stock by the same mechanisms that secure a magazine to the rifle’s firing system. The stock’s quick-release button places the magazine in hand instantly, ready for loading.

Features include:

  • Inconspicuous, sleek design with no protruding parts.
  • Will not snag on gear or webbing.
  • No more awkward magazine pouch dangling on a buttstock.
  • Keeps all of the characteristics of the M4 Buttstock, while incorporating a state-of-the-art internal magazine carrier.
  • Accepts any capacity AR-15 (M4) magazines.
  • Positions a spare magazine close at hand for a rapid change, providing a tactical edge.
  • Does not interfere with or change buttstock-to-shoulder positioning.
  • Fits perfectly on both MIL-SPEC and aftermarket commercial tubes.
  • Integrated ambidextrous swivel QD Quick Detach rear sling connectors.


Anyone owning or using an AR-15 or M4, who wants to always have at least ten rounds at hand every time they grab their rifle, and law enforcement professionals that want to have an extra ten rounds immediately available if they run out of ammo before a situation is stabilized.

Law Enforcement: For patrol carbines, the GL-MAG M4 keeps a magazine on the rifle, always. Eliminates the need to search for ammunition in an emergency. Just grab the rifle and go. Also makes it easy to have specialty rounds at hand instantly. We hope every confrontation ends quickly and safely, but if a prolonged engagement is encountered, the extra ten rounds in a GL-MAG M4 Stock might be a lifesaver.

Military: One less magazine to be carried in a cumbersome stock pouch attached to the rifle. Especially useful when and where regulations prevent the carrying of ammunition in the magazine well, while also requiring that a magazine be attached to the rifle.

Hunters: Keep the carbine unloaded when necessary or appropriate to do so, but always have ammo ready when game appears. Makes it easy to carry different rounds for close- and long-range shots. Eliminates noisy pouches and belt carriers that can snag on brush.

Home Defense: Even waking up from a deep sleep, a defender can be confident that when the carbine is grabbed, ammo is in hand…without the rifle being loaded at all times.

Range: Enjoy improved balance because the ammunition in a GL-MAG M4 Survival Stock can help to offset some of the up-front weight of the barrel. This contributes to a more solid hold, better aim and higher scores.

The magazine is on us.

According to Addy Sandler, Chief Executive Officer of The Mako Group, “The GL-MAG M4 Buttstock is called the SURVIVAL Stock, because it helps to increase assurance that when the chips are down, or the need is extreme, 10 or more rounds of ammunition are instantly ready for action. Any hunter that has ever climbed into a tree before discovering that his ammo was left behind will want a GL-MAG M4 Survival Stock. Any law enforcement officer that has had to waste precious moments rummaging through a patrol car trunk, searching for carbine ammunition, will realize that the GL-MAG M4 Survival Stock should be standard on all law enforcement AR-15 and M4 rifles. In fact, we are so convinced that this should be everyone’s stock of choice, we are giving a 10-round magazine free with every GL-MAG M4 purchase, while the supply lasts.”

More information about the GL-MAG M4 Survival Stock and a video are immediately available at http://www.themakogroup.com/product_p/gl-mag.htm

Manufacturer’s suggested list price for the GL-MAG M4 Survival Stock $122.40.

With each purchase, a matching 10-round magazine is available free, while the supply lasts.

Test and evaluation units are available for special purchase by law enforcement agencies on a limited basis.


Win a FAB GL-MAG M4 Survival Stock and a 10-round 5.56/.223 magazine.

Between October 15, 2012 and February 11, 2013, The Mako Group and FAB Defense will give away 10 GL-MAG M4 Survival Stocks and 10 round magazines to winners selected from photos that entrants send to the contest email address.

A picture of you wearing the Bang Bang Badge that can be downloaded at http://www.freesurvivalmag.com, or a facsimile, and entry form information is all it takes to put yourself into the running to win a FAB GL-MAG M4 SURVIVAL STOCK for AR-15 (M4) Rifles, and a 10-round 5.56/.223 magazine. Complete Rules Apply.

RULES SUMMARY (See Complete Rules at http://www.freesurvivalmag.com)

  1. All photos entered must depict some element of shooting.
  2. The person entering the contest must appear in the photo.
  3. The Bang Bang Badge, or a facsimile, must be visible and identifiable in the photo.
  4. All entries must be in JPEG format.
  5. The Bang Bang Badge Contest entry requirements, and complete rules can be downloaded at http://www.freesurvivalmag.com.
  6. Winning entries will be those that the judges feel are most interesting, attractive, exciting, funny, serious, or meaningful. A simple mug shot of you wearing a Bang Bang Badge or facsimile while holding a rifle could be a winner.
  7. Decisions of the judges are final.
  8. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older, and living in the USA.
  9. There is no limit to the number of entries, but each entry must be emailed separately to contest(at)freesurvivalmag(dot)com and a person can win only once.

Read and indicate acceptance of Official Complete Rules before sending your entry photo.


Since its inception in 1961, FAB DEFENSE has designed and manufactured the highest-quality, state-of-the-future tactical equipment for Israel’s Military and Police. FAB works closely with Israeli Special Forces and SWAT teams to produce creative, no-nonsense solutions to the mission-critical challenges met in the field.

Other battle-proven FAB DEFENSE products distributed in the USA by The Mako Group include carbine rail systems; hand guards; grips and combination bipod-grips; stocks; parts and accessories; safety rods; magazine accessories; rail covers; and KPOS, the pistol-to-rifle conversion that is prized by knowledgeable professional undercover operatives.

About The Mako Group

The Mako Group provides FAB DEFENSE products in the USA to wholesalers, distributors, gun shops, the military, and all types of law enforcement agencies.

In addition to its broad line of FAB DEFENSE products, The Mako Group also offers Meprolight optical sights for M16, M4, AR-15, AK-47, AK-74, Galil, SA vz.58, shotguns, and other weapons; E-LANDER highest-quality steel 5.56/.223 magazines for AR-15/M4/M16, and 9mm magazines for Jericho, Tanfoglio and CZ-95 pistols; plus an extensive selection of Front Line holsters for tactical, on-duty, and private carry.

Because the products distributed by The Mako Group have been specifically requested, and used, by the Israel Defense Force (I.D.F.), Israeli Police, and Security Agencies, they have seen extensive real-world combat with some of the most elite forces in the world. Few distributors can make this claim about their products. These are true combat-proven weapon accessories.

The Mako Group is managed by former military, Secret Service, and Special Forces operatives that have tested, used, and relied on such equipment to preserve their lives and the lives of others.

The Mako Group is a Registered Contractor to the US Department of Defense.

For more information, contact The Mako Group, 170 Central Avenue, Unit 20, Farmingdale, NY 11735, 631-880-3396, info (at)themakogroup(dot)com or visit http://www.themakogroup.com