FALKOR Defense Launches


S.I.-Defense Rebrands and Relaunches as FALKOR Defense

Sonju Industrial is an aerospace and defense company that has been manufacturing and assembling aerospace parts since 2001. Nearly a decade ago, Sonju Industrial created a sister-company, SI-Defense, to manufacture firearms using the same methodologies and processes that set Sonju Industrial as a leader in the aerospace and defense industries.

On July 4th, 2015, SI-Defense will rebrand itself as, "FALKOR Defense."

As part of the rebranding, FALKOR Defense is releasing a new Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR).

Introducing the FALKOR Defense "Blitz" SBR:

From FALKOR Defense:

This rifle will be offered in both .223 and .300 Blackout with a 10.5-inch barrel and our new 11.5-inch "Fatty" rail. This rail features an Interior Diameter of 1.65 inches and will accommodate all suppressors with exception to the OSS. It’s also available in lengths up to 18-inches for both AR15 and AR10 platforms. The AR10 is one of the few rails on the market that will accommodate the OSS suppressor under the rail.

The Blitz rifle ships in color Grey / Standard: Also features a Geisselle S3G trigger, Battle Arms short throw selector, Hogue grip and Mission First Minimalist Stock (shown here with the TROY PDW Stock Kit), as well as our new "Blast Cap" SBR muzzle break which features a modular design to include various break and diffusing caps. The break was designed for optimized use on SBRs to direct maximum gas and noise forward of the shooter while the breaking capacity is at the tip of the muzzle.

The Blast Cap is standard on the Blitz rifle – and will also be sold as an accessory for both 223 and 308 platforms. (Videos of the breaks in action to follow)

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