Fire-4-Effect Weapon Systems LLC


Old El Paso Texas has a new Sheriff in town and his name is Will Wingfield, President of Fire-4-Effect Weapon Systems LLC. There is no job too big and no detail too small for this growing company.

In the world of rifle and handgun customization, few can keep up without a vast amount of experience and often, apprenticeship. To be self-taught and still make a profit is even a tougher challenge to succeed in this business. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the rare anomaly to gun fabrication: William “Will” Wingfield.

Will, a former flight medic and practicing anesthetist, took his love of the VEPR and designed a piece called the Receiver Adapter System (RAS). This simple-looking piece of metal allows a VEPR owner to attach aftermarket parts that normally would only fit on stock AK variants and not on a high end VEPR. Will’s determination and experimentation was a success, with the part highly sought by his customers.

As the business began to expand, Will purchased a pre-WW II Gorton Mill and attached electronics, specifically a three axis digital readout or DRO, to enhance the machine’s technical capabilities and add to the precise depth and width of cuts on all of firearms that pass through his shop. He blueprints each weapon and job that passes through the Gorton Mill, in which he has scores of schematics to reproduce beautiful designs. Some of the more popular designs are the dragon’s scales and teeth into the popular Smith & Wesson M&P pistols and modification and improvement of many Glock pistols. Will often remarks that his customers know what they want and he doesn’t second guess their aesthetic choice.

"I don’t argue with a gun enthusiast. They want something unique and their own. Often it stays in the family and passed on. I’m proud to be a part of that."

His designs do not disappoint. Watching Will work the mill equates to watching an artist create a masterpiece on canvas. Meticulous attention to detail is of the utmost importance and Zen like patience to create the finer details that are as good as or better than a solid piece of aluminum out of a CNC machine. Now, I’m not saying that Will is some kind of Jedi-Samurai Master, but his career as an anesthetist does require a fair amount of thought and precision when saving lives, and he applies this to his work in the gun shop as well. Regardless, the products speak for themselves. Fire4effect on Instagram hosts dozens of pictures of finished products including, not limited to, stippling, cerakote, and so many unique designs by Will.


As a medical practitioner, Will is familiar with victims of violent crimes. He is also all too familiar with the limitation of shot placement training taught throughout the country. Taking almost an entire year and based on thousands of documented medical data, Will researched and studied situations of aggressors attacking their victims from multiple positions and behind different obstacles. As his studies expanded into ballistics, shot placement, and concrete medical evidence he concluded that an aggressor will not face you straight forward as many of us have trained to defend against for years, instead their body will be at odd angles and often times behind glass, a door, rock, thin piece of wood, etc. This narrows the stop zone down to a few key places on the body that can stop an aggressive determined offender in their tracks. As you have guessed, Will is unwavering in his search to destroy the myth, aim small miss small, when it comes to defending yourself with a finite number of bullets in your weapon. The shots must be placed on target in the correct place no matter what the caliber. This ostensibly will always prove to be true. We derive most of our knowledge based on police and military to defend ourselves, but their jobs consist of stopping and/or steamrolling your enemy or criminal.

In a defense situation, it must be presumed that if a weapon is drawn, then lethal force is the appropriate response for that circumstance. It is also safe to assume that you are alone or the only person able to use lethal force—unless you have trained the entire family to respond to a threat like some kind of Delta Force team moving through the urban landscape or the darkness of your house—you are by your lonesome. Thus, I submit to the reader, that Fire-4-Effect is the only company providing evidence-based targets, which shrink the stop zone and force you to react to a smaller target. The targets, by their very design, will invariably make you a better shooter and as is the case with any victim, you are the first responder. It stands to reason to make your shots count.

The Future

Fire-4-Effect is a fast growing business and plans to expand are currently in the works. Additional workers and a CNC machine are to be added shortly as orders have increased exponentially in the last year. The most exciting add-on to Fire-4-Effect is a shooting range. No big deal, right? SO wrong. Will has created a range that will have moveable walls to adapt to a customer’s needs and their particular situation. Want to learn the appropriate way to clear your house with live ammunition? Fire 4 Effect will be able to accommodate your needs.

Will has done something that not many of us can do, turn a hobby into a growing successful business. However, he does not forget his roots as a gun enthusiast and collector. His open charismatic demeanor puts your mind at ease as you describe exactly what you’re looking for and he listens with an intensely focused mind. No job is too big and no detail too small for Mr. Wingfield and the future of Fire-4-Effect. Visit the website at