Nightfighter Build Pt. 1 | 11.5” AR-15 Pistol

In this episode we are looking at my "night fighter" AR15 Pistol build. With one range session down let's talk about how it did.

The QA for April 2021

We are back for the monthly episode of the QA. We had several questions, comments and even some mail make it to this month's episode.

GunMag Training: New from GunMag Warehouse

On the range with Daniel Shaw of GunMag Training
GunMag Warehouse announces the launch of GunMag Training. Preparing those who carry a gun to the highest level.

Thyrm VariArc in the Wild

VariArc afloat
The VariArc is a helmet light mount with 360 rotation. Introduced in 2019, the mount has become increasingly ubiquitous in several career fields.

Ultimate Backpack Gun | 5” 300 Blackout

Ultimate Backpack Gun
In todays video we will be checking out the parts to my Pandemic build # 1. This is a super short 5" 300blk backpack, concealed carry gun.