One of the biggest challenges for a a lot of 3 gun shooters, myself included, is shotgun loading. In a lot of stages, time is easily consumed with reloading the shotgun. In recent years, twin loading and quad loading have taken over the sport as it allows much quicker loading, which of course translates into faster stage times. Various enhancements to shotguns have been made to make loading more efficient. We now have another option on the market and it is going to be very popular.

On one of the MN 3 gun groups, I saw a new product from A & S Engineering that caught my eye. As a 3 gunner myself, and one who isn’t the fastest shotgun loader, I look for techniques and equipment to help out in that area. When I saw this new replacement trigger guard I knew this was going to go over well in the community. What makes this trigger guard special is the additional material that features a scallop that guides shotguns shells into the loading port. The scallop basically makes your loading part much larger and therefore easier to get shells where they need to go.

Photo Credit: Dave Timm

Gunsmiths have made similar modifications to plastic factory trigger guards. The idea being the cut would help trap and guide the shells to prevent them from rolling off direction during loading. The problem is that there wasn’t really enough material on the plastic guard to make an effective funnel. Enter the A & S Trigger Guard which was engineered for exactly this purpose. The trigger guard being machined for the purpose, puts material where it needs to be and aligns perfectly. Now when you are performing a load the trigger guard guides the shells right in the loading port even if your technique isn’t quite perfect.

While this product is clearly aimed at the competition arena I am also going to be evaluating it on a duty or patrol configured shotgun. Anything that helps gets rounds in to the gun quicker is a good thing in my opinion. The trigger guards is machined out of one piece of aluminum and then hard coat anodized and made in the United States. For more information and to purchase check them out online:

To see this trigger guard in a shotgun and how it works make sure to check out our First Look Video. We will have our full review later this summer after we get some real world experience with the product. Thanks for watching and reading!

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