The MPX platform from Sig Arms has had it’s share of ups and downs since it’s announcement a few years ago. Sig was slow to release the firearm itself, once the first models were released they had to update to a second generation to address issues. I was an early adopter and have a Gen 1 9mm MPX pistol. Since the release of the firearms hasn’t gone as smooth as many had hoped, the aftermarket accessory market has been slow to mature as well.

There is a very active MPX owner’s group on Facebook. This is where I learned about a couple of new parts that will be very welcomed by community. The charging handle has been a common complaint of owners. The factory option is basically nothing special, a modified version of the traditional AR charging handle. Additionally many users report that the amount of play in the receiver track allows the charging handle to tilt during operation marking up and scratching the receiver. While it is a cosmetic issue, it is a complaint heard frequently.

Next Level Armament, a company known for making quality and unique AR platform parts and firearms wanted to address those issues. Two products in the early stages are a new ambidextrous charging handle and a replacement spring plate.

The new charging handle is a very nice upgrade over the factory part. It offers a larger handle for easier manipulation and true ambidextrous use. No matter which hand or method you use to manipulation the charging handle, it just plain works. The new spring plate completely replaces the factory spring plate and adds an anti-tilt post keeping the charging handle aligned in the track of the upper receiver. This minimizes the amount of play and tilt in the charging handle travel. The reduction of tilt is SIGnificant (see what I did there, sorry) and will be celebrated I’m sure. This is truly something that should have been incorporated by the factory.

I was fortunate enough to receive some pre-production samples of each part for evaluation and testing. To date I have a few hundred rounds through the pistol and have only noticed an improvement of operation. While this is just our first look, I have positive expectations for the products. The final production versions will be finished in black by anodizing the charging handle and nitride finishing the spring plate. Pricing and availability is to be determined.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for our full review!

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