Gear Review: 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch


What time is it? Time for another gear review with Guns & Tactics, that what!

Preferred by police and tactical operators throughout the industry, the 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch remains a bang-for-the-buck when it comes to a functional, reliable timepiece rugged enough to land with you in any battle. Packed with an ammo bag full of features like the SureShot® ballistic calculator, compass, digital chronograph, two digital time-zones, and a scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal face, the Field Ops Watch is a high-demand item for today’s law enforcement and professional soldiers.


    • High-density polycarbonate frame


    • SureShot® ballistic calculator


    • Polyurethane wrist band


    • Digital compass


    • Digital readouts


    • Omni-directional bezel


    • Backlight


    • Water resistant to 100 meters


    • Optional extended band for wearing the watch over gloves or clothing


    • Day, date, three time zones, alarm, chronograph, countdown timer, hourly chime


  • Countdown timer features an audible tone every minute
  • Two year warranty

We’ve been wearing the 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch for several weeks now and find it to be very lightweight, comfortable and pretty darned rugged. Seriously, we really like this watch!

The 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch frame is constructed of a high-density polycarbonate compound, which gives it that lightweight value without sacrificing its toughness. Supported by new heavy-duty pins and a Polyurethane wristband, the watch is designed to withstand all the dangers and impacts of everyday wear and abuse. And for those of us who have to get our hands dirty, each watch also ships with an extended length band to accommodate gloves and other outerwear.

But it’s under the face and bezel of this brilliant timepiece that lies a revolutionary feature of the watch, the SureShot® ballistic calculator. This sweet little piece of technology allows the watch to accept thirteen critical shooting variables and output point of impact shooting solutions out to 1000 meters.

Input your known ballistic data (bore height, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity and zero range), then add your environmental data (range, temperature, altitude, inclination) and the SureShot® calculator will give you a shooting solution in MILS, TMOA or SMOA. You can even get your solution in clicks for both windage and elevation. The calculator is very easy to use and most of the variables can be put into the Field Ops Watch before going out to the field.

Another intuitive feature of the watch which we liked very much is its time zone support, facilitating up to three saved time zones with synchronized alarms.

Of course, the watch is also sealed for 100 meters of water resistance in case you find yourself diving with the US Navy Seals or helping Jack Bauer on an underwater anti-terrorism mission. A switchable backlight will assist you in toggling the illumination on and off as needed for any tactical situation.

Last, but not least is the watch’s fully functional digital compass, which can be adjusted for true north readings. Now you’ll never be lost in the sauce again!

The 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch retails at approximately $240.


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