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Line of Fire gloves offers reliable hand protection and an optimal grip on your firearm or tools.

Your hands are a vital part of the body and performing day-to-day activities with them injured or out of commission can be very difficult if not nearly impossible. Having grown up in the sticks of Kansas I have always ended up doing odd jobs that were physical and have managed to build myself some lifetime calluses but, no matter how hard or tough your hands are, sometimes when working with firearms, performing self-defense drills or even just running and gunning it is easy to tear up the hands. Let me tell you from experience that I have seen some of the biggest, toughest SOB’s around turn soft pretty quick when they smoke their hand on a hot barrel or run the mouth of a case into the palm of their hand clearing a stovepipe.

as an avid shooter and student of the gun, I’ll never forget the first time I went to move from a barricade hold and ended up with a one inch splinter in my palm. I played tough, but my inner sissy was bursting with tears. Since then I’ve had everything from Oakley gloves to Nomex flight gloves and now my favorite, the Line of Fire Tactical Sentry glove.

The Line of Fire Sentry gloves are certainly a great fitting glove that have a good snug feel and don’t hang off the end of the fingers. They’re extremely durable, very well built and still maintain their good looks even after a little thrashing and washing. They provide an excellent level of dexterity for manipulating firearms and performing everyday tasks.

The top side features flexible, abrasion and impact resistant polyurethane knuckle protection against cuts and scratches, while remaining soft and flexible enough that you can still close your fist without having the knuckle dig into your hand. The fingers are made of drum-dyed cowhide leather for good protection while still being able to grip well.

The palm side is where the Line of fire gloves get very interesting. Line of Fire covers the palms of each one of their gloves with their revolutionary two-part grip system known as TEGS, which consists of thousands of tiny nodules similar to what you would see on a black rubber floor mat. You then use the TEGS wrap or weapon specific die cuts on your tool or weapon grip. Then when you grab the item with the TEGS tape the tiny nodules interlock and provide a grip second to none, but still allow you to drop or release the tool when needed.

The finger area of the palm is made from high-grade digital goat skin that is made specifically to work with a number of touchscreen products from cell phones, to your GPS and laptop touch pad so that you do not have to cut fingertips off of your gloves or remove them to run your electronics.

Line of Fire has several different types of gloves in their catalog, so if you require a glove with fire resistance they have you covered. LOF also offers a winter glove. If a rubber tactical glove is not what you need for your required job or you want a more professional look they also have the Light Duty glove.

The Light Duty gloves have all of the same Touchscreen and TEGS characteristics as the Sentry with the exception of the rubberized knuckles. Their backing is made from ribbed nylon for a superior form fitting shape and excellent breathability for those long summer classes, giving the hands room to breathe. Both pairs have performed very well for me. Quality and construction have been excellent and I’ve been amazed by the durability of the TEGS system. I highly recommend Line of FIre gloves for any shooter or tactician.

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  1. I purchased a pair of LOF Operator gloves and wore them daily on patrol and many search warrant executions. The sizing was right and I took good care of them (monthly hand washing in mild detergent and air drying).

    However, after a year of (admittingly hard) use, the right thumb tore at the seams.

    Gloves of this price should last longer. I’ve had Oakleys and 5.11 gloves in the $50 – $75 range that have lasted two – three years of similar use.

    • SilentGuardian – Sorry to hear your glove broke down on you. Our number one priority is quality for us. Glove breakdown is always based on usage and what the gloves is used with or on.

      We’ve have thousands of gloves down range and used by single users on multiple deployments in the harshest conditions for many years without a single breakdown. We’ve also had gloves used by operators training with their Colt 1911 that wore through the nomex in a matter of weeks due to the safety lever rubbing the nomex. We fixed this problem for them by adding extra leather which was unique to them.

      My point on this is that glove issues occur with every glove. I’ve had customers swear they’d never purchase the other two brands you mentioned because those gloves wore out under a couple weeks for them. All products depend on environment and usage.

      If you bought a pair of Nike Trail running shoes and wore those just to kick around in casually, they’d last years longer than if you went and ran 6 miles a day on lava trails in Hawaii.

      All of our material suppliers are “A” rated Mil-Spec suppliers. We cannot procure better material than what is currently in our gloves. We are using the best of the best I can assure you.

      We are always here to help. Feel free to contact me direct on your glove issue as we’re always going to make it right for the customer.

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