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The demands placed on today’s operators require weapons that not only provide true long-range performance, but also provide for maximum conceal ability and portability.

Not an easy task by any standards, but the Desert Tech SRS Covert fits the bill handsomely. Designed expressly with the military and law enforcement operator in mind, the Covert gives operators incredible accuracy and flexibility, in a package the size of an HK MP5 submachine gun.

The most obvious and notable factor in making this possible is the rifle’s “bullpup” configuration. Whereas traditional bolt-action rifles locate the action directly above the trigger assembly, bullpup rifles like the Covert make efficient use of stock space by locating the action rearward of the trigger assembly. This results in overall weapon lengths 9-12 inches shorter than traditional rifles with the same length barrel.

In urban environments specifically, giving operators this added maneuverability inside vehicles or structures is absolutely mission critical. With the Covert’s compact size, cumbersome handling is eliminated.

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The rifle’s compact design also shifts the balance point rearward, steadying the shooter when making non-supported, off-hand shots.

If this weren’t enough, the Covert’s quick-conversion capability gives multi-caliber flexibility for an ever-changing tactical environment. While several manufacturers offer some variation of a multi-caliber platform, few do it as seamlessly or easily as Desert Tech does with the Covert. Requiring only a simple torque wrench, the caliber conversion process is initiated by removing the bolt, and loosening the barrel’s 4 torque screws. Once the screws are loosened, the barrel can be removed, and the new bolt and barrel are inserted into the chassis.

While weight of the Covert fluctuates depending on specific conversion kit, complete packages weigh in at as little as 9.2 lbs (configured with 16” .308 conversion kit).

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A variety of other factors contribute to the impressive little Covert:

Button Rifled Barrels

All Covert barrels are match grade, precision manufactured by Lothar Walther in Germany. Internal rates of twist are optimized for each caliber conversion kit with button rifling. Exacting tolerances of the receiver and heat-treated barrel extensions are what provide the impeccable return to zero mounting. External threads at the muzzle make every barrel suppressor friendly. Additionally, muzzle brakes have been engineered to reduce not only gross recoil, but also barrel whip.

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Conversion kits for the Covert are available in the following chamberings:


  • 16” .308 Win
  • 18” .300 Win Mag
  • 18” .338 LM
  • 22” .308 Win
  • 26” .260 Rem
  • 26” 6.5 x 47 Lapua
  • 26” 7 WSM
  • 26” .300 Win Mag
  • 26” .338 LM
  • 26” .338 Norma


Fully Adjustable Trigger

The Covert has surmounted the long-standing dilemma of “mushy” bullpup triggers. Desert Tech’s match grade trigger comes standard with every chassis, and is fully adjustable for creep, pull weight, and length of pull. Two holes at the bottom of the trigger guard provide quick access to adjustment screws in the trigger assembly, for creep and pull weight (1-6 pounds).

Telescoping Bolt

Telescoping bolts contribute to the rifle’s ultra compact design, while still allowing for both short and long action calibers. A 60-degree bolt lift allows right-handed shooters to maintain cheek weld while cycling the Covert’s action.

Shoulder Retaining Magazine Design

Desert Tech proprietary magazine design retains cartridges at the shoulder, preserving the tip of a projectile during recoil.

The A1 Chassis System

In January of 2013, Desert Tech release the Covert’s newest iteration, the “A1” chassis, combining some compelling tactical improvements with an already incredible rifle.

An adjustable cheek piece now allows operators to fine tune optimal cheek weld. The proprietary tool less spacing system gives shooters a quick and easy way to customize length of pull, without having to fidget with tools or remove gloves. The new rubber molded butt pad provides maximum cushion and surface grip, for added ergonomics. Finally, the Covert is finished with a smooth forearm, and modular rail system. This allows shooters to affix mil-spec, Picatinny rail sections to the chassis in their desired configuration, without sacrificing weight or ergonomics from unnecessary rail.

Chassis construction combines glass-filled nylon stock panels, with a monolithic receiver machined from solid-billet, aircraft grade aluminum. The receiver and forearm are then hard anodized and coated. Multiple sling points along the chassis give operators quick flexibility for a variety of sling configurations.

Just below the butt pad, the quick-actuating monopod is easily operated by the non-shooting hand. Both macro and micro elevation adjustments, give shooters the ultimate in rapid target acquisition. When the monopod is not in use, it retracts into the rifle’s stock, for low profile. The chassis also features an oversized trigger guard for gloved shooting, and ambidextrous safety and mag release.

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Compatibility with Accessories and Peripherals

The Covert comes out of the box ready to interface with a variety of accessories.

The Desert Tech low-profile muzzle brake reduces barrel whip, and acts as a mounting point for suppressors. Desert Tech’s titanium-constructed suppressors are threaded at the brakes attachment point for maximum accuracy. Suppressor’s baffling system is designed to tighten the suppressor when struck by propellant gases to prevent it from loosening during strings of fire. Single piece scope bases from Desert Tech make mounting the optic of your choice easy.

All in all, the Desert Tech Covert offers a truly unique and compelling tactical combination of long range, multi-caliber capability in an ultra compact package.

On The Range

The Covert is guaranteed to shoot 1/2 MOA accuracy out of the box. So after a quick 100 yard zero, the Covert was tested at a variety of distances with the 26” .338 LM conversion kit. Shooting Desert Tech 300 grain .338 LM ammo unsuppressed, with a Kahles 6-24×56 scope. Notable results included both 5 and 10 shot ½ MOA groups at 100 yards (1 on paper and one on cardboard), hits on steel all the way out to 1400 yards, and finally groupings at 1500 yards, where 2 shooters fired individual 10-shot groupings on cardboard, for an aggregate of 19 shots within 18.5” (excluding 1 low flyer). Truly impressive accuracy by any standards!

About Desert Tech

From the heart of Utah’s desert, Desert Tech began in 2007. In just a few short years, Desert Tech has truly emerged as the leader in manufacturing the most accurate, compact and convertible precision rifles on the world today.

Desert Tech is committed to the precision tactical community all over the globe. Along with the Covert, Desert Tech offerings include: The SRS (Stealth Recon Scout) Rifle, The HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) Rifle, match-grade ammunition (through sister company Desert Tech Munitions), Marksmanship training (at their 25,000 acre High Desert Precision training facility), and an exclusively produced scopes (jointly engineered with Kahles Optics from Austria).

For complete specs on Desert Tech rifles, accessories, and match grade ammunition visit them on the web at

For updates, special releases, or to connect with Desert Tech shooters all over the globe, visit our community at



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