Got Your Stash?


As any seasoned investigative professional may attest to, the pursuit of seeking information and evidence often comes up against innovative and sometimes elaborate means of concealing those items which are sought. One of the surprisingly effective techniques – and a personal favorite for conducting surveillance – is that of "hidden in plain sight", and few products on the market utilize this technique better than the "All Stash" stash can. This innovative method of securing items relies on the brain’s process for sorting visual data to bypass even the most prying eyes.

Exciting advances and studies in the fields of neuroscience and ophthalmology show how the physical action of viewing an environment is processed by the brain to create deductions and reasoning. The first level of our visual awareness identifies a flood of optical information and sorts data into categories for further analysis. As an investigator, one’s sense of visual awareness is often heightened through the experience of seeking information out at high speed in the midst of often confusing and distracting environments such as homes cluttered with personal possessions, however when seeking out evidence or indications of criminal activity certain items such as food containers or personal hygiene products might be automatically and unconsciously dismissed. Likewise, for a criminal engaged in an adrenaline-saturated theft scenario or even for an opportunistic child, it is often difficult to identify the potential for valuables to be stored in an item that is traditionally looked over.

With this in mind, offers a series of items that hide your valuables. Soda cans, shaving cream, and cleaning products provide hidden screw-open compartments and are made from the actual branded products. A slightly more elegant solution is available in the form of their wooden stash box with secret locking compartment that keeps sticky fingers away from jewelry, cash, your favorite cigars or a readily-available pistol. Often, what you’re looking for can be sitting right in front of you.