Grey Ghost Gear: Discrete Tactical Gear


Carrying your gear is important. Most of us would like to be prepared in case of an emergency. Whether that’s having a med kit, an extra pistol magazine, or handful of diapers (dads will know what I’m talking about). Most tough gear options we have as gun guys are usually in two colors: Black or Flat Dark Earth and emblazoned with MOLLE from side to side and top to bottom.

Sometimes hanging out with my friends I need something that says discrete more than DEPLOYMENT. And while there are some rare options that don’t look tactical, they are so void of design and personality (think gym bags from the 70’s) they might as well scream “look at me”.

Although not a new company, Grey Ghost Gear has kept a low profile in the gear world (no pun intended) with some great discrete offerings and overt tactical gear as well.

Looking thru their current catalog of items, you can see the standard color sets we’re used to, but they’re also offering designs and patterns that will help you become a true gray man. Or at the very least, your friends will stop asking if you have a gun in your bag.

What you don’t see in this pack is the magazine pouches on the inner flat at the top of the main compartment and the deep concealment pouch in the small section. I’ve managed to stow my Glock 19 and 43 there on several occasions when carrying on my body was just not an option.

A normal day pack?


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