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I had the privilege to meet with my buddy Brent Brabant at Grey Ghost Precision HQ this past Friday.  Brent wanted to show me the soon-to-be-released Ver3 of their GGP Slide series.   If you’ve been following Guns & Tactics for a bit, you should know that we have covered GGP a few times in the past, and have always respected their undying support for active military and law enforcement, and their 100% commitment to honest feedback, critical analysis, and continuous improvement.

When GGP entered into the aftermarket Glock slide market, they had some pretty solid offerings, with an emphasis on “pretty.”  Functional? Yes, absolutely, but the skull motifs and stylized slide cuts left some wondering if GGP was simply form over function.

I shot several GGP prototypes while at a media event at High Bar Homestead, and was pleased with what they had to offer, but their initial versions didn’t wow me to the point of wanting to rush out and buy.

A year later, Grey Ghost Precision was at Triggrcon, and we had the chance to check out their foray into complete pistol builds.  With a serialized Polymer80 lower assembly, etched with a proprietary GGP grip pattern, GGP now offered a complete pistol package, including an aftermarket CMC Triggers trigger install, mags, and carry case.  Again, super sweet deal, but nothing that really stood head-and-shoulders above a pretty saturated “Glockish” aftermarket market.

Flash forward to a couple days ago, and Brent presented me with the GGP G19 Ver3.  I instantly, without even handling it, could see that it was a marked improvement over earlier versions. 

First and foremost, the 45° cocking serrations were very thoughtfully reduced; offering a very aggressive bite at the top of the slide, and tapering off down towards the receiver. I appreciated this immediately as this particular design offered excellent traction where needed, yet retained slide integrity as much as possible by limited the amount of slide material removed by tapering the cuts.  These serrations are ALL business, look awesome, and provide outstanding traction for slide manipulations.

Grey Ghost Precision V3

The second immediately noticeable enhancement was under the hood, so to speak.  The Ver3 GGP slide, like its predecessors, comes with a G10 cover plate if the end user chooses to just use irons.  However, under the plate is a 2-in-1 mounting option; the slide is milled for both the industry-standard Trijicon RMR, and the Leupold Deltapoint Pro.  Both MRDs are quite popular, and the Ver3s now can accommodate both, through use of multiple mounting holes, and a slim metal shim to take up any fore-aft and height dimensional differences between the RMR and the DPP.Grey Ghost Precision V3

There are a couple other very thoughtful milling enhancements that GGP worked into the slide that enhance barrel lockup and fitment, but I’ll get into those when I get into a more in-depth article about the GGP Ver3 slides.

Since I already have several pistols with Trijicon RMRs mounted to them, I chose to pick up a Leupold Deltapoint Pro from my friends at Weapon Outfitters. With the DPP in hand, I mounted it to the Ver3 quite easily.  The DPP footprint is a bit longer than a RMR, so the shim plate was not needed.  Thoughtfully, Grey Ghost Precision includes screw sets for both the DPP and the RMR with the slide, which is a nice convenience.

Grey Ghost Precision V3

Once the Ver3 was built out, I mounted it to one of my pre-existing Polymer 80 lowers.  The fitment is tight, which should be expected.  What a lot of casual users overlook is that aftermarket slides are manufactured to very precise tolerances, and if they are mounted to a DIY-type frame, there may be some additional fitment processes required.  Mine will need a little bit of sanding so the slide rides a bit more freely, but the initial fitting seems to work well with no binding while riding the slide both with the trigger released and unreleased.

Grey Ghost Precision V3 Grey Ghost Precision V3 

For comparison, I mounted the slide on a factory Glock Gen3 G19 and the action is predictably as smooth as butter.

Grey Ghost Precision V3

I will head to the range as soon as this article is uploaded, and get some initial rounds downrange and the DPP sighted in.  I’ll have a more comprehensive review on the new GGP Ver3 and Ver4 post SHOT Show 2019.

The GGP-19 Ver3 slide was just released for pre-order this past Friday, and are anticipated to be ready to ship February 2019.  Head on over to GGP’s website for more pre-order info.


  • Stripped slide machined from 17-4 Billet Stainless Steel to have tighter tolerances than a factory slide 
  • Black Nitride Coated inside and out 
  • V3 Slide Pattern with tapered serrations for improved grip
  • Dual optic cutout compatible with Leupold DeltaPoint Pro or Trijicon RMR with supplied shim plate (correct length screws included)
  • Includes a custom G10 cover plate and proper screws for use without optic installed
  • Available for Gen 3 or Gen 4 G19 compatible frames

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