An active lifestyle has always been important to me. From early childhood, participation in youth sports, to active military service and on to the dad life, physical activity has always been prominent throughout the various stages of my life. Things I enjoyed as a youth (lifting, shooting, and tinkering) I still do today. Like any activity one does with their hands, character traits develop over time. By looking at someone’s hands you can learn a lot about someone quickly. Are they left handed or right handed? Do they have a nervous habit of chewing their fingernails? Are their hands smooth as silk or weathered and calloused? Missing any digits? Rigid nails or smooth? All of these traits and more can give you an idea of what that person may do for a living or as a hobby.

I made the choice many years ago to stop wearing my wedding band. No, my wife and I weren’t taking a break, rather I found my platinum ring restrictive and potentially dangerous. As someone who lifts weights, does a lot of pullups and enjoys the shooting sports I found it uncomfortable to grip a pistol, bar bell or dumbbell while wearing a traditional wedding band. Typically during those activities I would end up taking it off. I did this in the military as well, removing my ring while working on our boats or at the range and attaching it to my issued G-Shock band. When deployed I left it in the states for numerous reasons and not the ones you may think. Some of the reasons were I didn’t want to lose it or have it stolen, but there is also the reflectivity issue and not drawing attention to myself. There is also the hazard of the ring getting hooked on something or being a conductor on a battery or other electrical device. If you have ever seen a broken digit or a de-gloved finger due to a wedding band getting caught on something you know what I am talking about. It is a nasty injury.

Regardless, I found myself removing my ring more-often-than-not. As one could imagine, my wife preferred I wear my wedding band in order to keep all the other ladies at bay. So I bought a few silicone bands off of Amazon and started wearing them and had my platinum ring melted down and incorporated into my wife’s wedding band. Going to a silicone ring was great. They are flexible and don’t hurt while lifting or doing other handy work. They aren’t a conductor and they come in all sorts of colors. As a bonus, if they do break they are cheap to replace and they aren’t going to rip my finger off if caught on something. The downside is they made my finger stink a little with all the sweat build up, but all in all, going silicone was a great decision.

After a couple years of buying no name brands I was introduced to a company called Groove Life. Groove makes a wide variety of silicone rings for any lifestyle. The difference between Groove Life and other rings I have used in the past is three-fold. First, they offer a huge variety of rings from all sorts of colors, to camo rings to custom ringsfirst responder series, patriotic rings and more. They are wider and thicker than other silicone rings I have used in the past but they also have a thin variant of rings for ladies or if you want something more low profile. Second, they are breathable. They state they are the world’s only breathable silicone ring. While I can’t vouch for the claim, I will say their ring is unique compared to others I have had experience with. On the inside face of the ring there is a woven, recessed design with channels that extend to the outer rim of the ring. This allows a very small area for air to circulate, hence the breathability claim. I must say I don’t notice the sweat smell when I take the ring off after a long day. Actually, the only time the ring comes off is to swap out to another design. In a way it is kind of addicting from a collection standpoint.

Groove sent me some samples to use which included some various colors as well as their new camo patterns which I must say are pretty slick. The cool thing about their camo line, Groove actually partnered with Kryptek and Mossy Oak to incorporate some of their most popular designs. So this means the patterns aren’t unauthorized knockoffs. My favorite at the moment are Kryptek Typhon and Mossy Oak Break Up Country camo.

Ring sizes range from 7 to 14 so they should fit most folks. Ring size is noted on the inside face of the ring so it is easy to identify. So far I am very happy with my samples and will be getting more to add to the collection. I also like the fact they have a no BS warranty and also give back to our first responders and veterans. All the things I didn’t like about my traditional wedding ring are no longer problematic with the Groove rings. No pain, no smell, no danger and no reflectivity. They are so light I forget I am wearing a ring at all.

If you have an active lifestyle and/or job and still want to represent your love for your spouse, country, important cause or favorite color without all the heart ache of traditional rings, check out Groove Life rings. They may be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

For more information and to purchase Groove Life rings click here.

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