Gun Violence and Mothers


Feminist Website Acknowledges Mothers Arming Themselves For Self Protection.

"God made man, Sam Colt made them equal."

Sam Colt allegedly made that quote in the 19th century. I think that if he were around today, he would add, "woman." is an unabadashedly pro-feminist liberal-leaning website. Their politics regarding gun ownership lean toward guns are for the police and military only.

But, recently they published an article by Louise Fitgerald about a fast-growing segment of gun owners… mothers.

Andrea Forte was at work when she received the call that her child’s school was on lockdown. Someone had threatened to “kill all of the children” in her four-year-old daughter’s classroom.

"I couldn’t protect my child… I was powerless and had to let it play out however it happened," said Forte, a 31-year-old mother of two. The threat was unrealized, but Forte decided then to carry a firearm whenever she could. On school grounds, where firearms are prohibited, she carries a stun gun and pepper spray.

Amber Haggard, on the other hand, was prepared when one day, after leaving a restaurant with her two young children, a disheveled man approached her asking for money.

The 26-year-old didn’t lose her cool, but when the man refused to leave after she politely told him she didn’t have anything to give, Haggard sensed the situation was escalating. The third time she asked him to step away, she brandished her weapon, a Smith and Wesson Shield 9mmpistol, and warned him she would protect herself and her kids if she had to.

"I have not had to pull the trigger on my weapon in defense yet, and I hope I never have to," Haggard said.

Forte and Haggard are part of a growing contingent of gun owners—mothers. They’re members of Sheepdog Mama, a Facebook group created by moms and for moms, which serves as a "safe, nonjudgmental place… to discuss personal protection, protection of our families and children, [and] babywearing while carrying a firearm."

It’s a surprising twist in the story about guns in America. With young children regularly the focus of tragic gun-related accidents and public health experts warning that kids are less safe when there is a firearm in the home, moms seem like the last demographic group that would be interested in packing heat. But despite the risks, more moms feel gun ownership and concealed carry are reasonable steps to take to ensure their family’s safety.

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Woman are the fastest growing segment of gun ownership.

-ABC News

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