GunUp relocates to Sioux Falls, South Dakota


We’ve just learned from GunUp CEO Dan Hall that GunUp is moving to South Dakota. Here’s the details form a press statement GunUp just released.

GunUp is relocating to Sioux Falls, South Dakota on July 1st.

Washington is truly a beautiful state with a vibrant startup ecosystem and we are sad to leave but it was becoming increasing clear late last year, after doing business in Seattle for over a year and a half, that we needed to find a more business and firearms friendly environment.

South Dakota by far, of all the states we talked with, was the most welcoming and accommodating. South Dakota has no individual or corporate income tax, no business inventory tax, and no personal property tax. The South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development has done a wonderful job connecting us with local business and community leaders. South Dakota is also unique in the fact that they specifically target firearms companies for relocation and it shows.

Sioux Falls is a vibrant city with the infrastructure and amenities we were looking for while providing an amazing quality of life and low cost of living. The work / life balance there is truly remarkable in comparison to a large metro area like Seattle.

Our relocation to South Dakota provides us, most of all, the resources and environment GunUp needs to thrive. We are excited about the upcoming move to our new home and hope you can come out to visit. Look for great things in the near future after we get settled in Sioux Falls and, of course, our wonderful bloggers who have been so supportive will be the first to know as we launch new features and services.


Dan Hall



  1. I have your new member packet to deliver to you! i have called several times but cannot seem to get in touch with anyone. Please contact me so I can get this to you! Thanks.

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