Happy Thanksgiving from Guns & Tactics Magazine


A holiday message wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Guns & Tactics Magazine!

Today is Thanksgiving and as I began to count my blessings I felt compelled to write this message. We have so much to be thankful for that an attempt to capture it all in a single post would be futile. There are, however, a few things I would like to bring attention to as we move into what has become my favorite holiday.

When we visit my parents, my family sleeps under my Grandfather’s flag which is folded properly and displayed in a ceremonial case above the bed. In the other guest room, his graduation diploma from the US Naval Academy hangs proudly behind protective glass. My grandfather flew a Hellcat in the Pacific Theater and, from what I’m told, he was one hell of a pilot. Later today, my brother’s best friend will join us for Thanksgiving dinner after returning from Afghanistan where he was hit in a firefight with insurgents and continued the fight despite his injury, ultimately protecting and saving the base. Suffice to say, I have a deep and profound respect for those who currently serve our country or have in the past. This year, at your Thanksgiving table, please honor the men and women who have served and hold a caring thought for those still deployed who can’t be home today. Please toast, appreciate, think of, and take a moment to remember our American warriors, wherever they are. If you have a veteran at your table, or have family of a warrior deployed, please thank them.

Also, this year, please take a moment to thank those who are fighting to maintain our Rights. There are men and women working tirelessly to preserve the freedoms our Founding Fathers intended for us to enjoy… so please keep them in your thoughts, be thankful for them, and remember that there are many ways to help continue advancing this effort. Whether it be financial support, putting boots on the ground, or offering an honest and respectful discussion of the importance of our rights around the dinner table… please do everything you can to gain allies and fortify our position on Constitutional Rights with facts and reason.

Further, thank you to our readers and our sponsors. Without readers we wouldn’t have sponsors, and without sponsors we wouldn’t be able to create what we do for our readers. From all of us here at Guns & Tactics Magazine, thank you. Thank you for reading our magazine, thank you for sharing it with your friends, and thank you for patronizing our sponsors so they can continue to make this thing thrive. Thank you, as well, to our sponsors for providing the kick-ass products we believe in and for supporting our ability to provide value to our readers.

Finally, on a personal note, thank you for making the Tactical Parent series such a success! We hatched this idea after finding it frustrating that there wasn’t an information source that served the specific needs of the modern protective parent. It’s a work in progress and, especially if you have a request or an idea for an article, please send us your feedback so we can continue to provide the content you want. Our goal is to reach every parent that takes an active role in protecting their family so please share what we do with those you feel would benefit from it.

Again, there are far too many things we are thankful for to list in a single article. As a veteran-owned business we ask you again to please remember to thank those who are currently deployed and fighting for us, those who have fought for and defended our freedom in the past, and those who protect our freedom back at home today.

From all of us at Guns & Tactics Magazine, we wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.